Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's The Asian Invasion, Baby!

Odd and ends....

1.) As many of you know, I have a Filipino-American hubby, and 2 great adopted Filipino kids. So, basically, I'm the odd (white) man out in our family. Needless to say, we cheer for Asian basketball players (my hubby is currently obsessed with Jeremy Lin), eat tons of Asian food (Thai and Vietnamese are our favorites), and also hope that the Asian contestants on Top Chef will win (we were totally stoked when Hung won Season 3). SPOILER AHEAD (if you haven't watched the latest episode of Top Chef, stop now!): We are pretty excited that not only Paul Qui (2nd from the left, above photo--he was born in Manila! yay!) made it to the finals (I'm rooting for him!), but also Beverly Kim, the slightly Asperger-ish girl who everyone loves to hate (I personally like her). Unfortunately, Edward Lee got booted last night....too bad, because that would have been a 75% Asian final! Sorry, Ed. Note to Ed: NEVER use the canned oysters. That's the kiss o' death.

Go Paul!!!!!!

2.) I finished Kill and Tell by Linda Howard, recommended to me by Julia Barrett. She told me it had the most incredible seduction scenes ever. And she was right. Romantic suspense is not my favorite sub-genre, but this book is sex-ay! Hot and sultry, like a summer's night in New Orleans. If you're looking for a book with intense chemistry between the hero and heroine, a complex suspense storyline, and one of the sexiest love scenes ever, check it out. Grade: A (still fanning myself....whew!)

3.) I just wanted to give a shout-out to Round Pond Estates, the charming small vineyard I toured in Napa Valley. Julia and I had a private olive oil tasting that was wonderful. I came home with four kinds of delicious olive oil (Italian Varietal, Spanish Varietal, Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon). I have been using them every day in my cooking and salad dressings. I also got their Blood Orange Citrus Syrup and Meyer Lemon Citrus Syrup.....I'm going to figure out some kick-ass cocktails to make with these. Stay tuned. If you are looking for a great gift for a foodie in your life, I can't recommend these products enough. Superb!

4.) And last but not least....Valentine's Day! Yep, it's coming up next week. On Feb. 14, I will be posting my review for Dana Stabenow's Restless in the Grave. I will also be giving away a copy of this incredible book to one lucky commenter. So be sure to stop by on Tuesday for the review and give-away. Now, murder might not seem like the most romantic theme for Valentine's Day, but I guarantee anyone reading these books will fall madly in love with Liam! A big, hunky Alaskan state trooper. Schwing!

That's it for now! Have a great day,