Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Penny Goes Shopping And Some Other Profound Items

1. Observation made yesterday, and discussed on Twitter and at Julia's blog....As I see it, if there was really a zombie apocalypse, all the surviving dudes would have beards. Seriously. Who would have time to shave? And not finely sculpted scruff, either. Big huge Paul Bunyan beards. Let's see what happens on The Walking Dead at AMC.....

2. I love how peeps get their panties in a bunch about certain terms....ebook, indie, author vs. writer, etc. I read a little ditty recently about the writer v. author thing (can't find the link, if anyone knows it, please tell me!), and I'm jumping right off that bandwagon. If anyone asks me what I do for a living, I tell them I'm a storyteller. Author and writer have some heavy connotations. Storyteller is sort of whimsical, romantic, and more about imagination than bestseller lists. That's me.

3. My 9 year old daughter ransacked my bedroom. She took all the good pillows, quilts, blankets, and accessories from my bed and put them in her room. (Her bed looks like the Princess and the Pea). Anyhow, I decided to perk up my room with a colorful new ensemble. Here are the before and after pics....

BEFORE: Blah. Daughter took all the good stuff and left me w/ nuttin!

AFTER: Schwing! Color! All new bedding. (Which I must now protect from Miss Lightfingers).
I'm also going to paint. What color? Blue? Teal? Purple?

4. Tonight is Top Chef Final Part 497. Just kidding. Sort of. They are dragging that baby out to the bitter, acidic end.

5. Wanna read some funky flash fiction? Check out these quickies from Tom Andrews (who I also discovered via Twitter) the writing, love his author headshot, and I love that he is a staunch defender of the classic martini.

Off to make coffee,