Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Your Favorite Thing About New England?

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Nina Pierce: I love the New England weather. If you don't like it, wait a'll change.

Ashlyn Chase: What I like best about New England is the proximity of natural beauty and city culture. I live about an hour north of Boston, thirty minutes from the ocean, an hour from the Lakes Region and two hours from the White Mountains.

Sherri Erwin: The people of New England, my favorite people, might seem cold to outsiders, but we're the most warm, genuine, honest people in the world over once you break the ice.

Kate George: Snow! No - the people. Snow! The people. Well at least my friends.

Jessica Andersen: My favorite thing about New England is having four seasons. I know that's a cliche, but it's true. I get bored with sameness, but like a certain level of predictability in my environment, so it's perfect that I can have a changing view outside my window and a changing wardrobe from month-to-month, yet have a pretty good idea that I'll be hot in July and August, too cold in January and February, and just right the rest of the year!

Caroline Linden: The history! I still dream of writing a book set in colonial Boston.

Meg Maguire: Why do I love New England? Easy. Hot chowder, cold beer.

Patricia Grasso: I love New England because people are sturdy, down-to-earth (most and usually). Our autumns are the best, most colorful (my favorite season). Winter snow "cools" everyone off. Nothing works off negativity better than shoveling two feet of snow. Our winters make us appreciate spring, and we can enjoy the ocean in summer. There are so many colleagues here, especially in Boston/Cambridge, that even old people (like me) feel young. No where else can an old person feel young just be walking down the street.

Judith Arnold: My favorite thing about New England is the spirit of New Englanders--staunchly independent, live-and-let-live, yet always ready to help a friend--or a stranger--in need.

Mia Marlowe: I adore the history that oozes from the cobbled streets. I'm mad about the art museums, the symphony and Shakespeare on the Common. But my favorite thing about New England is that I'm close enough to see the Atlantic any time I take a notion. Revere Beach is a short drive from my home. Any day you can see the ocean is a day of vacation.

Kat Duncan: New England is full of contrasts that work together. I love New England for its strong sense of seasons. Winters are snowy and wintery, summers are hot and often humid, springs start out chilly, but warm up quickly, falls last and last with cool, crisp air and a vivid display of leaves. In New England you can find alpaca ranchers wearing cowboy hats and organic farmers living next to high-tech industry gurus and Bluestocking families. I love it that so many different kinds of people with so many different viewpoints can all live together and that we regularly welcome new waves of immigrants. I love the rich history here. The Wampanoags and MicMacs, several of the original 13 colonies, battle sites of beginnings of the American Revolution, original homes of many of our founding fathers and mothers. New England is as culturally diverse as a small area can get on planet Earth.

Penny Watson: Birding in Rhode Island, picking fresh strawberries, antiquing in Vermont, eating lobsters in Maine with my best buds, meandering through a farm stand, lighting sparklers with the kids on July 4th. New England is magic!

Annette Blair: I love New England's change of seasons, each with unique colors and scents, its extraordinary history and architecture, islands and shorelines. I guess having set fifteen books in New England, and counting, says it all.

Barbara Wallace: The history. I love the region's rich tradition and history. Everywhere you go you find another piece of our past. Oh, and the Sox.

What's your favorite thing about New England? Or, your own home-town, wherever you live? Let me know!



Susan said...

I live in NC and love the fact that I am so close to both beautiful mountains and beautiful beaches. And the mild winter is a huge plus!

Natascha said...

Fall is my favorite season and the only place to be would be the Northeast. I love New England because most drivers don't use the turn signals when driving their cars and the letter "r" doesn't exist in their alphabet.

Anita K Greene said...

The fall with all it's bright colors! Not only the leaves of every hue, but also the pumpkins, potted mums and vegies at the farm stand. There is so much to love about our corner of the country.

Jennifer Mathis said...

I love looking at the colorful pic of fall in the new england states

Nina Pierce said...

It cracks me up how many of us mention the weather. Guess it's a big deal in New England. ;)

Dalton Diaz said...

I love the change of seasons, too. Having grown up in So Calif, where it's 80 degrees every day, I actually appreciate the varying seasons.

barbara said...

I live in Maryland and much like New England love the change of seasons.

I also love that with only a couple hours drive, we have beaches to the east, mountains to the west, and vineyards in between! :)

bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

Penny Watson said...

Hi Susan! I love NC, too...that's a beautiful place to live.

Penny Watson said...

Good one, Boston it's illegal to drive without your cell phone on....hee hee...just kidding. Sort of.

Hi Anita! I'm obsessed with pumpkins. I grow 5 different varieties in my garden!

Kym said...

I love the seasons, and the history in New England.

My town has the oldest running 4th of July parade, and it is also my daughters Birthday. She has always beleived the celebration is for her, and we love all the special activities.

They have soapbox derbies, foot races, concerts on the common every night from Flag day till 4th of July. A carnival in town, a little miss and big miss 4th of July Princess pageant. Plus many more actitivies...that make the summer an exciting place in Bristol, RI.


Di said...

Gorgeous scenery, important historical sights, signature foods - what more could we want?
Fingers crossed for print books - I'm not e-enabled yet.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Blodeuedd said...

Aww the seasons. Well then I would fit right in since I do need all 4 seasons

donnas said...

Really sounds like a great place to be. A little bit of everything depending on what you want theres a place that you will fit in. Thanks for sharing all this!

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Penny Watson said...

The contest is now closed. Winners announced soon!