Monday, June 13, 2011

Romance In Quechee Vermont

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Romance In Quechee Vermont by Penny Watson

I have lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont at various times over the last twenty years. Of all the places I've lived, Vermont is without a doubt my personal Shangri-La. It has a quiet, laid-back pace, an appreciation of simple pleasures, and people who care about the world around them. One day, shortly after we moved to Vermont, I was standing in Dan and Whit's General Store when the kids got out of school. They ran into the store, grabbed penny candy from old-fashioned glass jars, and ran back out of the store with their friends. The manager chuckled and added the "purchases" onto their family charges. I was awe-struck by this. There was something so wonderful and sweet about living this sort of life. I was in love. I still dream of moving back to Vermont some day.

Of all the charming towns in this area, my absolute favorite is Quechee. It has an enormous antique mall, the requisite covered bridges, and my favorite spot on earth....Simon Pearce Mill.

The Mill is located right next to the Ottauquechee River. It houses a glassblowing workshop, pottery workshop, retail store and a fabulous restaurant. Simon Pearce glass is stunning in its simplicity. My kids love watching the glassblowers create their wares. There is nothing quite like enjoying a gourmet meal, made with local Vermont products, while seated at a table overlooking the waterfall next to the mill. It is heaven on earth.

I have one especially wonderful and romantic moment that happened to me at Simon Pearce. My husband took me out for a birthday dinner about fifteen years ago. He surprised me with a lovely amethyst ring. But it was a bittersweet occasion for me. I had just suffered another heart-breaking miscarriage, and we were both feeling sad and uncertain about the future. We sat on the balcony at sunset, enjoying a glass of wine, watching the falls and trying to lift our spirits. Suddenly, a hot air balloon appeared on the river, skimming the water. It must have been ten feet from the surface. It was gliding along the river, and went right past us. The folks inside waved hello. Everyone in the restaurant gasped with pleasure. It was an incredible moment, watching that balloon glide by us. My husband and I smiled at each other and held hands across the table. I was filled with a sense of peace and knowledge that all was right with the world. It sounds so melodramatic, doesn't it? But that moment was magical for me. Shortly thereafter, we decided to adopt our children from the Philippines. We started on another incredible journey in our lives.

Every time we return to Vermont, my heart fills with happiness. The air is clean and pure, the way of life is old-fashioned and charming. I am filled with a sense of peace and well-being. I have a dream that someday when I'm a little old lady I will have a cottage in the woods of Vermont where I live with three weenie dogs and work on my romance novels. (My hubby can go fishing to keep himself occupied! hee hee).

Dreaming of a Vermonty Future,