Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Morning Updates: Observations, Irritations and Nick Carter

We had a jam-packed weekend, which included a bar mitzvah, soccer game, piano recital, and last but definitely not least, a NKOTBSB concert. Here are some updates....

1.) My 8 year old daughter had a piano recital on Sunday, and insisted on some new duds. Unfortunately, her store of choice is Justice (I call it "Justice For All"). I went into that store once and freaked's a bunch of crap, loaded up with sparkles. I said no. Behind my unsuspecting back, my hubby took her to the store. Well, I am eating my own words. She got an adorable flapper-style dress with stripes, lace and sequins. She looked fab! And she "nailed it" (her own words) during the recital.

2.) My sister and I had an amazing time at the concert. First we went into the North End of Boston and ate at a cute little Italian restaurant...I had red wine, veggies and stole pasta off her plate. It was delicious. If you have never been to the North End of Boston, it is a gem. Charming and sweet, with cobblestone streets and old timey Italian bakeries. I love how the residents have little cafe tables with pots of geraniums on their teeny, tiny balconies. Love it!

3.) The it is!!!! The good, the bad, and the big, fat lady sitting in front of me......

The good: The concert was ridiculously fun! They did a great job with the whole production...streamers, fire, rising platforms. It was a big, crazy celebration, and the guys were adorable. They all had huge smiles plastered on their faces. The beginning number, which was a mash-up with both bands, was a hoot. My sister and I were singing and dancing the whole time. I was surprised by how good BSB were...they can actually sing. Who knew! And the Boston boys were working the crowd. 

The bad: Too many ballads....snooze! I liked the high energy numbers the best. Also, I was fully expecting lots of "old" ladies to be in the audience (forty something fans like myself). Instead, it was a bunch of young whippersnappers! Girls in their twenties, dressed in extremely tight outfits. Carrying signs that said "Do Me, AJ." Hmm. I think I was the only one there wearing a wool black hoodie and glasses. I might have been the oldest, but I still got some sweet dance moves, baby!

The big, fat lady in front of me: Picture this. My sister and I sit down for the concert. We have incredible seats. Jordin Sparks comes on as the pre-show act. Two women take their seats directly in front of us. Both of them are big ladies, but one is huge. Over six feet tall and probably 350? They stand. No one else is standing in the entire area around us. Just them. They are so huge they block not only our view, but the folks to the left, behind us, and right next to them. Everyone is pissed. I politely tap the woman on her shoulder and ask her to sit down. She says no, she can't see. (???) The people around us are really mad, but no one else is saying anything. I ask her again. The woman says no. I ask her a third time to please sit down. She says, Why don't you stand up if you can't see? I answer, Because that would be incredibly rude to the people behind me. She gives me a blank stare. And I realize, she is totally clueless about considerate behavior. All she cares about is herself. She could give a crap about anyone else.

I have a thing about being considerate of others. I's old-fashioned. I think if everyone else had complained, she might have felt compelled to sit, but I was the only person who said something. (I'm sure you find that shocking....since I'm so very shy and demure....hee hee!). Anyhow, I let it go, knowing that as soon as NKOTBSB came on stage, everyone would be standing for the show. So, I watched Jordin Sparks on the giant screen, but couldn't actually see her on the stage since a giant freight train of a woman was blocking my view. Hope she had fun. (As soon as Jordin left the stage, the woman sat down! Un-freakin-believable. I guess manners are not alive and well in Boston, Mass).

4.) Nick Carter! Oh my God....he totally won MVP for the show. He is quite the showman. So enthusiastic and cute and musical. He used to look like a soft little kid. Now he is a huge hunk of blond yumminess. Way to go, Nick!

2 weeks left until summer we go!!!!!