Monday, June 13, 2011

Penny's Most Romantic New England Memory

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At last, the final post for Celebrate New England! Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the party! I decided to finish up our posts with my most romantic memory of New England.....

My husband grew up in Middletown, Rhode Island, right next to Newport. Luckily for me, I got to spend many wonderful weekends exploring Cliff Walk, Brenton Park, Ocean Drive, and Second Beach, which was within walking distance of his parents' home. 

One summer afternoon, my husband, brother-in-law, and I were walking in Newport, on the cobblestone street next to Trinity Church. It's a historic church on Queen Anne Square, built in 1726. If you stand behind the church and look down to the water, you have a magnificent view of Newport....the docks, tall ships, and town. The sun was just setting as we walked by. Suddenly, the doors to a small building to the left of the church flew open, and out came a bride clutching her flower bouquet. Behind her, all of her attendants, dressed in gorgeous red satin dresses. They walked across the sidewalk, with the sun setting behind them, and entered Trinity Church. A gentle breeze lifted the skirt of the bride's stunning gown. Sunshine illuminated her veil like a golden halo. The girls smiled and laughed as they crossed the path to the church.

I stood there transfixed, watching the bride and her bridesmaids enter this beautiful historic church, with the sun sparkling off the water behind them, illuminating their little parade. Tears flowed down my cheeks as the door to Trinity closed, and I knew the bride was on the threshold of a new beginning.

I turned to my husband and brother-in-law, and said "Did you see that?"

They answered, "What?"

Exasperated, I said, "The bride! Her bridesmaids! That was an incredible moment! So romantic!"

My husband and his brother snickered at me and rolled their eyes. "Are you crying?" my husband asked me incredulously.

"Of course I'm crying! That was the most romantic thing I've ever seen in my life!"

My husband and his brother looked suitably chastised for about 3 seconds, then they said, "Let's go get a cup of coffee."

Which just goes to show....guys are dumb.

Who knows what happened to that bride, but her wedding day certainly got off to a wonderful start. 

I would love to hear from some of you about romantic moments in New England. Have any good memories? Let me know!

Thanks for celebrating with us today. 

All my best,


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Love the Cliff Walk - that's romantic all by itself!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Jeffe! Cliff Walk is so magnificent. That whole combination of incredible history with the mansions and stunning views of nature, is a wicked combination. Love it!

Susan said...

After all of today's posts I definitely want to come up there and experience your part of the US for myself. Thanks for a fun day!

Unknown said...

My brother and sister in law got married near the Cliff Walk. So beautiful.

Annette Blair said...

I adore Newport. We took our children there often to see the tall ships, or just to walk through the town. And once, I sailed WITH the tall ships on a 92 foot sailboat called the Tree of Life.

Beautiful day dedicated to our neck of the woods Penny. Great job!

Annette Blair said...

I adore Newport. We took our children there often to see the tall ships, or just to walk through the town. And once, I sailed WITH the tall ships on a 92 foot sailboat called the Tree of Life.

Beautiful day dedicated to our neck of the woods Penny. Great job!

Nina Pierce said...

Stoopid men! That's a beautiful memory. Hmmmm, most romantic. I think it was the night the hubster and I spent in the white mountains in these tiny little cabins next to a river. We bought a bottle of wine and just sat on the bank talking and watching the sunset. It was all very sigh worthy until the mosquitoes arrived and drove us inside. gotta love New England.

Thanks for celebrating today Penny!

Caroline Clemmons said...

I've never been to New England, but it is on my "bucket list" of things to do. I have always wanted to visit when the leaves are changing but before the snow.

Natascha said...

Nothing ever romantic happened to me in N.E. ;-(

Penny Watson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

Amber...what a great place for a wedding!

Hi Annette! I love Newport, too. It is such an amazing spot. I always take my mom for the weekend when she visits and we tour the mansions.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Nina! Yeah, those guys don't get romance, do they? I love the White Mountains, too!

Hi Caroline...hope you get to visit soon!

Natascha....are you telling me nothing romantic happened when you guys were in Salem? hee hee....come on!

Kym said...

Cant think of anything romantic, but I too love Newport . My daughter is attending Salve Regina..and is lucky to experience the town daily.

Thanks for such a nice "trip" through New England !


Hot Ash Romance Novels said...

What a wonderful memory, Penny. I had a great moment like that too. On our anniversary, my hubby and I went to "the scene of the crime" as we affectionately call it--the Sheraton, Protsmouth, NH--where we were married on New Year's Eve 1993/94. Another bride was waiting just inside and her new husband was in the foyer, waiting for their limo. I was standing there, waiting for my hubby to park the car. I chatted with the husband for a moment, and told him it was an auspicious place to be married. We were celebrating our 15th anniversary of a very happy marriage that year.

The young couple were ready to leave, and their guests lined up on either side of the door, holding sparklers over their heads as they ran through--like soldiers getting married in uniform, with their buddies holding their swords. It was very romantic. When my hubby joined me, he stood with me while we watched their triumphant exit. I think he enjoyed the show as much as I did. Or, if he didn't, he was kind enough not to say so. LOL

MiaMarlowe said...

I love seeing the brides in the Public Garden downtown. It's such a beautiful place to begin with then when you add girls in gorgeous gowns and handsome young fellows in tuxes, it's just about Eden! A well dressed Eden, I mean!

Penny Watson said...

Kym...that is so cool your daughter is going to Salve....what a gorgeous school.

Ashlyn....I LOVE the sparklers! That is so sweet and romantic.

Hi Mia! I's always thrilling to catch a glimpse of the bride. :^)

Di said...

Lovely story - I've always wanted to visit Newport.
Thanks to you all for the great tour.
Fingers crossed for print books - I'm not e-enabled yet.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

donnas said...

What a great story. New England is not a place I have spent a lot of time. But I really hope to go and experience it for myself soon.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Blodeuedd said...

Awww sounds wonderful :)
But nope I can't say I have any romantic memories from there ;)

Anne R said...

I am a romantic too. Thanks for sharing the memory.

Penny Watson said...

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