Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy First Monday Of Summer Vacation!

Slept in!

8 year old daughter crept into my bed with the laptop, and started searching for dachshund puppies on the internet. And kept showing me adorable photos of Puppies We Must Get Now!

Then, she totally redeemed herself by letting out our dog Lucy, feeding her, and bringing me a cup of coffee. Good girl!

Here are some quickie updates...

  • Celebrate New England Giveaway is closed. Winners will be announced this week. I just found out that Loretta Chase will be adding some books into the giveaway, too. Yippee!
  • I read Kiss Me, Kate by Mari Carr this weekend. Loved it! A sexy, quick read.
  • I am about to start Goddess Cottage by Sherri Dub and Size Matters by Stephanie Julian.
  • Made my goals for the summer. Lose 20 more pounds, and finish my WIP. I can do it!

My husband loved his Father's Day...we watched Natty kick butt in her final soccer game of the season, then my hubs biked with the kids, then we all went to the pool, and then for some dumb reason we went to Panera for dinner. (I voted for sushi, but was over-ruled by the kids). Hubs was a happy camper!

Hope everyone has a great week!