Friday, November 30, 2012

And Then You Add Some Lettuce and Tomato...

It must have been that orgy book I read by Julia Rachel Barrett (One Four All). Or maybe it's just all the naughty Twitter talk about menages, hairy dudes, and whatnot. But God help my tortured soul, I got a story idea this week that is making me cringe.

A teddy bear threesome!

That's right. It's a TEDDY BEAR SAMMIE. (For those of you not up on the Penelope lingo, sammie=sandwich).

Just imagine, one super-lucky innocent heroine, sandwiched by two huge hairy delicious teddy bears. No need to add mayo.

I'm hoping that the inclination to write this insane menage idea will pass. Sort of like the day I decided to clean the basement.

If I do write it, I'm going to have to come up with a new pen-name for erotica. Something like...Penny Paddle? Hee hee. OK, I'm stopping now.

In other news, my self-pubbed Christmas story, SWEET INSPIRATION, is now available at Barnes and Noble, as well as Kobo.

Hope everyone has a beary hairy weekend!