Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Most Insane Book Title Of The Week Goes To...

(by Louise Allen, recommended by Rane at Goodreads)


I could not help myself. This title was so wack, I just had to read the book. Well, the joke's on me, because this book kicked arse! It was set in ancient Rome and had marauding barbarians, a hot alpha hero, a courageous virginal (oops! that didn't last too long) heroine, excellent secondary characters, a suspenseful story line that kept me guessing until the bitter end how the hecka Ms. Allen would pull an HEA out of that hat, super hot sexy times, and a cool dog/wolf. I'm in love! With this book! Woo hoo! (Thank you, Rane).

P.S. The hero has a beard, and it makes the heroine swoony.


Haaaaaa! Still laughing.

Feeling slightly barbaric,