Thursday, November 15, 2012

Insert Eye Roll Here

✵ Here's what I think about fanfic. I totally get fans being obsessed with fictional characters and wanting this fictional world to go on and on and on...can't let it go quite yet...still going...

But seriously. If you're a professional writer and you can't freakin' come up with an original idea for your own book? You need to get a new day job.


✵ Thanks to Cara McKenna, I am now obsessed with pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They sound DIVINE! So, here's the Thanksgiving meal that I've planned so far...

1. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
2. Cranberry mojitos

What turkey?


✵ Channing Tatum (what kind of weird name is that?) is the Sexiest Man Alive? Is he legally able to drink?

(I'm rolling my eyes with Daniel Craig, who is looking super hot with his salt and pepper beard and his bad-ass James Bond sports car)

✵ Out of the mouths of babes...When Natty found out I was giving my book away for free, she said, and I quote..."That's stupid."


✵ Something totally crazy has been happening lately. I've been getting fan mail. EVERY DAY! Haaaaaaaa! That is banana nut crunch cray cray to the max! Pretty soon I'm going to be dressing like JR Ward, with the pearls, sunglasses, and a posse of body guards. Yeah. That's it.


Well, that's it for the day! Have you had any eye roll moments lately? Let me know!



Christine DePetrillo said...

I did a MEGA eye roll over the Channing Tatum thing myself. Can he even GROW a beard?

Love your Thanksgiving menu too!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

So agree on Channing Tatum. He's a moderately cute boy, but Sexiest Man Alive? Daniel Craig. Sean Bean. Jeremy Renner. The list goes on. (And they're all 40+ and craggy with sandy hair. Sense a pattern here?) And your cray cray hat is priceless.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Christine! He's way too young and baby-faced for moi!

The cocktails are always the most important part of any holiday. That's my motto! (And dessert).

Penny Watson said...

Teresa....I almost used Jeremy Renner! LOVE him. He is super yummy.

I also like older men...they're sexy and experienced. Perfect!

That cray cray hat is a Princess Ariel Disney tiara. :^)

Julia Barrett said...

Oh I love Channing Tatum. He's 33. And he's so gorgeous and hilariously funny! I do agree with Teresa though - Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner are totally sexy.
Fan mail? Way to go Penny!

Unknown said...

Channing is definitely a nice looking guy! :)

I'm with you on the Thanksgiving meal. Who needs turkey.

Penny Watson said...

Julia and Amber...Channing fans! Ack! Let me see if I can find a picture of him with a beard. That might help...

Penny Watson said...

...Nope. Didn't work. He still looks like he's 12 years old.

Heidenkind said...

Daniel Craig is pretty damn hot. Channing who?

Penny Watson said...

Thank you, Tasha. I knew you'd understand! :^)

Geekamicus said...

Ya know, I didn't really like Daniel Craig back in the days of Tomb Raider, but holy cow is he hot in the latest JB. I kinda liked that he was gray and got winded when running -- made him relatable. And he was hot. Did I mention he was hot?

My eye roll goes to "GIF" the word of the year. My question is, what year?

And did you hear, the Grammy for music video of the year goes to Dire Straights for Brothers in Arms. (Oh, sorry, I was having an '87 flashback.)

Penny Watson said...

GIF is word of the year?

DIre Straights! haaaaaa!

Where is our 1980s time machine? Why has that not been invented yet? Hmm....