Monday, November 19, 2012

Making Dreams Come True

Years ago, when I started writing, I had a dream.

A dream that someone other than my friends and family would actually read my stories. And hopefully like them.

I never cared (and still don't) about the money. About the lists. About the contracts.

I really just wanted someone to read my books.

This was before everyone was self-pubbing. And at the time, I figured...if I don't get my books published in the "traditional" way, I'll just post it for free on a website. So folks can read it.

My critique partners were pretty much horrified by that idea.

Lo and behold, I did get a publishing contract for my first book. With a small digital press. My sales were not high, although by the standards for this publisher, they were fine. But in the great scheme of things, not a lot of folks were reading my book.

It wasn't in print, it wasn't in bookstores, most folks didn't even know that it existed.

Jump forward to the year 2012. Two years after a scary-ass heart attack. Two years of soul-searching. I write a book...for me. With a hairy, bearded guy. I know plenty of women don't like hairy, bearded guys, but I wrote this book to heal my own personal wounds after a near-death experience, and to reignite my passion for writing.

I decide to try my hand at self-pubbing. Not only does the book do pretty well, but unexpectedly, most folks are digging it.

And so, years after I started my writing "career," I decided to give my book away for free after all. I offered it as a freebie at Amazon, thinking..."Maybe I'll give away 1000 books?"

17,000 downloads in five days put LUMBERJACK IN LOVE into the top 10 contemporary romance Kindle freebie list.


I know there are plenty of authors who sell/download many more books. And for profit. But for me, this is a dream-come-true. 17,000 people have my book. And hopefully some of them will actually read it.


I have been getting emails and messages and tweets and Facebook posts from total strangers. Folks who are reading my book and like it. And they keep saying the same thing..."Your book made me happy." "Your book made me laugh out loud." "Your book brightened my day."

I am humbled this morning. How many times in your life can you say that your dream came true?

Well, one of mine came true this week.

I didn't make any money, but I did make people happy.

I have many, many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Season. Making some folks happy with my lumberjack story is one of them.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this crazy journey with me!

All my thanks,