Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Someone Watching Over Us

Most mornings as I get the kids ready for school, swig down my heart meds with a cup of coffee, and feed the weenie dog, I forget about this guy. Saint Nicholas. He is perched above my kitchen window, looking down on us every morning. Every afternoon. Every evening. 

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children, among other things. And more importantly, he was known for his extreme generosity, which is how he came to be associated with Santa Claus, the gift-giver.

This morning I flipped on the light switch over the sink, and suddenly I remembered him.

Generosity of heart, generosity of spirit, giving gifts. What could be more important?

And I'm not talking about Legos. Gifts come in many packages. A gift of kindness. The gift of friendship. Listening, offering comfort.

I had a great time at the New Jersey RWA conference this weekend. My friends and colleagues have many gifts to offer: support, friendship, advice. I appreciate them all.

Including the passion punch cocktails. (Come on. You knew that was coming.)

My favorite bit of advice was not about POV or publishing or the state of the industry. It was about karma.

Be generous and free with your gifts, and good things will happen.

Icon of St. Nicholas perched over my kitchen window.


Speaking of generous spirits, Liberty Blake has a new release this week. Well, really a new old release. 
She published this cute novella in an anthology last year. Now it's out on its own, just in time for Christmas. It's the perfect shortie holiday, sweet and sassy all rolled into one. I loved it!

$1.99 at Amazon


I hope I have time to write up reviews for all of the books I've been reading. Kinky erotica, shocking mysteries, sexy firefighters, tedious reality, and hilarious Greek tycoons. I'll try! In the meantime, I'm prepping for my talk this weekend at the NECRWA October meeting. It's called Reach for the Stars: The ABCs of Romance Reviews. I'm speaking with Jen Porter from Romance Novel News. We'll be discussing the different types of reviews, how to use them to promote your books, and how not to behave when you get a bad rating. (Hint: Sticking voodoo dolls with pins is not encouraged).

Hope to see some of you there! The meeting is in Bedford, MA at the old town hall.

Happy Reading,


Tales of Whimsy said...

Awesome advice.
I bet you're an awesome speaker.
Good luck!

Geekamicus said...

Another reason I miss living in Mass. It sounds like I'll be missing a great talk too. Very sorry I won't be there to hear it.

Julia Barrett said...

You are so right! If you build it, we will come! I adore your hard won wisdom. Have fun this weekend!

Penny Watson said...

Hey Juju! Last time I gave a talk I was wearing my sparkly tiara to mesmerize the crowd. ;^)

Penny Watson said...

Geek! I wish you could come heckle me! I will probably post the hand-out next week.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia! It's funny how the writing business (and everything else in life) can bring out the best and worst in people. I am trying to focus on the positive right now. ;^)

Steph from said...

That's pretty nice!

Unknown said...

Saw that cocktail coming, I did, I really did

and do you know what, YOU DESERVE TO HAVE A LITTLE SNIFTER.....

Penny Watson said...

Thanks, Steph!

Penny Watson said...

Tom...I know you did. :^)