Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quirky Is As Quirky Does

About the book cover for LUMBERJACK IN LOVE...

1. My book is a romantic comedy.

2. The cover is romantic comedy.

3. The book is about a lumberjack/woodworker.

4. The cover looks like a wood-block print.

5. I lived in Vermont. I love Vermont. I wrote about Vermont. I adore Mary Azarian, a Vermont artist who does primitive-style block art, such as this....

6. So I asked Anne Nydam, a professional block-print artist, to make a cover for my book. Same style, to tie in with the Vermont woodsy setting.

Here are some other amazing pieces Anne has created...

7. The book is filled with jokes, puns, comedy. So I thought it would be funny to do a cover that was a joke. Over the top. Silly. Cheesy.

8. Wouldn't it be funny to do a take-off on the 1980s bodice ripper style romance covers? With Fabio looking down at the heroine, who is clutching his leg and staring up at him adoringly?

And substitute my contemporary characters, a lumberjack and slick city gal. Ridiculous, right?

I know. It's supposed to be ridiculous.

9. Oops. I guess some people don't get the joke. Oh well.

10. I like the little chipmunk in the front left corner.

So, live and learn. Some folks like different and quirky. Some like naked dudes on the cover. Some want a stock image from a photography site. And some want a pretty girl in a purple, ruffly dress.

Love it or hate it, this cover is attracting a lot of attention.

Bottom line: The cover fits the book. LUMBERJACK IN LOVE is light-hearted and funny. So is the cover.

(And it's now available IN PRINT! $5.50 at Create Space. Will be available at Amazon and other bookstores soon!)

Happy Reading!