Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Typical Dinner At Penelope's House

Date: Tuesday Evening

Time: 7 PM

Place: Penelope's Kitchen

Cast of Characters: Hubby (Filipino), Son (Filipino), Daughter (Filipino), Penelope (White Girl), Weenie Dog (black-and-tan with white whiskers)

Meal: Home-made Chicken Stew with Dumplings

Our drama begins...

Penelope: Look everyone! I made a delicious, wholesome home-made meal this evening!

Natty: I hate it!

Penelope: You don't even know what it is yet.

Natty: I still hate it.

Hubby: What is that?

Penelope: Home-made chicken stew with dumplings. It's really good.

Hubby: Oh great (said with sarcasm). My favorite (also said with sarcasm). *pulls soy sauce, hot sauce, Caesar's salad dressing, Worcestershire sauce, and other assorted bottles out of the pantry*

Cristian: This looks like white-people-food. Why did you make us white-people-food?

Penelope: Because I'm white? What are you talking about?

Cristian: There are potatoes in there. White people eat potatoes.

Penelope: *silence*

Natty: That looks like brains. Or snot.

Penelope: It's not brains. It's a dumpling. It's delicious! Try some.

Natty: *eats one molecule* *makes dramatic gagging noises* I hate it!

Hubby: *gets out can of tuna fish, dumps it on top of chicken stew*

Penelope: Would anyone like a beer? *pours herself a beer*

Kids: May we please be excused?

Penelope: *finishes beer* Yes. I refuse to cook anymore meals for you ingrates! What do you want?

Natty: McDonald's!

Cristian: Pizza!

Hubby: Steak.

Penelope: Fine. Tomorrow I will make brown-people-food. Steak and rice. Happy?

Hubby and children cheer! Weenie dog waits patiently for some food to fall on the ground.

The End

Off to purchase steak,


Kwana said...

Oh no. Poor you. I say don't cook for a week. Don't worry it's not really cultural it's just them being family and dissing mom. I get that from my family all the time.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Kwana! My kids would seriously eat McDonald's every night if they could. ACK! They are driving me nuts. BTW, the stew was delish! :^)

Tales of Whimsy said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww *hug*

I don't look forward to food finickiness. Luckily my hubs is just happy if I cook. He doesn't care what it is.

Geekamicus said...

My mother had one rule when it came to dinner: eat it or don't. She worked on what she thought would be a tasty nutritious meal and if you didn't like it, you didn't get to eat it. Depending on her annoyance level, you could get up and make yourself PB&J or you could go to bed hungry. Except with liver. No one got out of liver. With liver you sat there until you ate it even if it was hours after bedtime. I still hate liver.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my mother was a horrible cook -- notorious even to this day.

Heidenkind said...

lol I like dumplings. :)

Penny Watson said...

Juju....You're lucky!

Penny Watson said...

Geek...our 2nd choice is PB sammie or Cheerios. The sad thing is my kids would probably love to eat those every single night for dinner! Hee!

Penny Watson said...

Tasha....what's not to like? They're awesome! (Even if they look like brains). said...

I think you are much nicer than I would be. My husband is not picky at all, the kids are but they are old enough to make something different if they really do not like what I cook. It is cereal or PBJ here too, given the choice. I love Chicken and dumplings, you would think that kids would love eating brains this close to Halloween. LOL

Julia Barrett said...

Hahahahahahahah! You are so white! I would have eaten it, not cuz I'm white but because I'm sick and when I'm sick I can only eat white people food.
I love your family. Give us more, please.

Penny Watson said...

d blue---Great idea! Dumpling brains for Halloween! Even snot would be good for Halloween!

(I made steak the next night and everyone loved it. Sigh).

Penny Watson said...

Julia....I wish I could send you chicken stew to get better.

Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Oh Penny forgive me, I laughed xxxxxx

If this was typical round my table Murder Death Kill would ensue

the mantra is: Grand dad cooks it, we have to eat it mind you as they get to Natty's age they will probably be like their parents and tell me to get stuffed!!!

Penny Watson said...

Tom, I would be super thrilled to eat any of your delicious meals! No whining at all...I promise!