Monday, October 8, 2012

Pitch Perfect: A Movie Review

It could be argued that Penelope has juvenile tendencies.

1. I love Britney Spears.
2. I wear sparkle nail polish and I'm 46 years old.
3. I love mindless teen flicks, particularly romantic comedies, filled with immature humor and fun music.

It's because of #3 that I went to see Pitch Perfect on Friday, dragging along two good-natured Quirky ladies who didn't seem the least bit embarrassed that I....

1. Clapped and cheered out loud.
2. Sang out loud.
3. Tapped my toes through the whole movie.

For those of you who might not be up on your mindless teenage musical films, Pitch Perfect is a movie about an all-girl's acapella singing group and competition.

Good stuff about the movie:

1. Near-perfect pacing.
2. Adorable singing and dancing routines.
3. Fabulous cast, especially Fat Amy.
4. Hilarious jokes.

Bad stuff...

1. Puking.
2. One scene that dragged a bit, with the touchy-feely stuff.
3. A few character inconsistencies.
4. More puking.

In a nutshell: This movie was close to mindless teenage film perfection. The pacing was spot-on, except one little part where the girls got touchy-feely and started to discuss their feelings. It slowed down the pacing, and I didn't buy that Beca, the female lead, suddenly got interested in everyone's deep, dark secrets. On the positive side: We got to see Lilly do snow angels in a pile of vomit. (I know that sounds hideous, but it was absolutely hilarious. Just ask Quirky Lady Sam Wayland...I was screaming with laughter).

The song and dance numbers were fun, adorable, manipulative in a typical Hollywood manner, and crazy entertaining. The cute little romance was super sweet and satisfying. And the supporting cast, including the requisite lesbian, crazy Asian girl, nerdy Star Wars guy, and emo male lead with a love of The Breakfast Club, was fabulous.

How much did I love the reference to the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club? And Simple Minds song?.....


I am IN LOVE with Fat Amy, played by actress Rebel Wilson. She absolutely stole the whole show. Perfect comedic timing. Her solo in one of their competitions was the funniest thing in the whole movie. Anna Kendrick, who plays the lead Beca, was cute as a button and has a lovely voice.

Bottom line: This movie kicked total arse.

Grade: A

I'm going back to see it again. At least 3 more times.

A few more notes:

1. Please stop by Carolyn Crane's blog today to check out our hysterical interview. We discuss Pa Ingalls, gilette razors, and an analysis of epic beards in art history. (Some are extremely painful!) Carolyn will be giving away a copy of LUMBERJACK IN LOVE and one of my fun promo mugs.

2. My new favorite comment about LUMBERJACK IN LOVE, from a recent Goodreads review..."Momma loves her hairy men!" Yes she does.

3. I read a book about an agoraphobic virgin musician in love with a billionaire Greek tycoon. And I loved it! Review coming soon.

Happy Monday!