Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The LOOK Challenge

Thanks to Stephanie Berget for tagging me in the LOOK Challenge. The rules of this challenge are as follows....

1. Do a search in your current WIP for the word "look."

2. Include text before and after.

3. Tag some other authors to join in the challenge.

I am currently working on SWEET ADVENTURE, Klaus Brothers Series #3. It's the story of Sven Klaus, son of Santa Claus and chief toy designer/wood-worker in the North Pole, and Andi de Luca, a tabloid reporter known as "The Pit Bull." It's a match made in romance heaven...hee hee! Here's a little snippet from the first chapter. Enjoy!


Casey Wyatt
Samantha Wayland
Victoria Morgan
Lindsay Kiernan
Liberty Blake


             "Whoa. You sure clean up good. Who knew? It's hard to tell under those baggy overalls you usually wear." Harry Croft stared at Andi with lust in his eyes.
            "Give it a rest, Harry. It's just a dress." Andi perused the gadgets on the table while Harry perused her ass. "This one's too big. I need a really small, discreet tracking device that Sven Klaus will never notice."
            Harry reached over and grabbed a box. "This here's what you want. A totally customizable web-based system. It's tiny, uses GPS to determine location within fifteen feet, is water resistant, and has five days of rechargeable battery power. It's perfect. You can sneak it into a briefcase. He'll never notice it." He rubbed a weary hand over his five o'clock shadow and pursed his lips. "Never seen your hair down before. It looks like silk."
            Andi cringed as his big, beefy hand reached out to stroke her hair. She tilted her head away and leveled him with a glare. "No touchy, touchy, Harry. I spent hours getting ready for this shin dig. I don't want you messing me up."
            Harry's eyebrows shot up. "You wanna get together afterward? Maybe have a beer or something?"
            Andi rolled her eyes. "Aren't you forgetting something, Harry?"
            "What's that?"
            "Your wife."
            He sighed, a long drawn-out affair that only men married for twenty plus years could do. "Oh yeah, Glenda. Forgot."
            Andi placed the tracker in her handbag. If all went well, she'd be able to sneak it into Sven Klaus' belongings tonight. One way or another, she would discover where the toy workshop was located. Her antenna were way, way up concerning Klaus Enterprises.
            There were too many unanswered questions about the family business. Every lead she followed had turned into a dead-end. No one knew where the factories were located, who they employed, or what kind of delivery system they utilized. Maybe they were using illegal child labor? Were violating EPA regulations? Perhaps Klaus Enterprises was a money laundering front for a drug cartel? Who the hell knew, but something was definitely going on, and she was going to be the reporter who broke the damned story.
            Andi De Luca wasn't good at a lot of things, especially girly stuff. She didn't know how to style her hair, couldn't knit worth a damn, and sucked at decorating. But one thing she was good at was sniffing out a story. She could tell when the politicians were lying (most of the time), ferret out the white-collar cheats, and zero in on celebrity cover-ups. And sure as the uncontested perfection of Uncle Gino's flat-bread pizza was her certainty that Klaus Enterprises was hiding something big.
            Sure, The Scoop was a rag...so what. She'd never win a "Pulitzer" for her work. But her stories kept the tabloid selling like hotcakes. Folks just had to know if bigfoot was for real, and who the latest starlet was boinking to get the plum roles. There wasn't any place for pride in the world of tabloid journalism. Andi had left her pride on a rookie's entry-level desk a long time ago.
            She glanced over her shoulder at Harry who was back to staring at her ass. "And five kids. Don't forget about them."

Thanks for including me in the challenge, Stephanie!

Happy Day to All!