Friday, August 17, 2012

Shout-Out to 3Crows

Peace Offering by Sara Pulver

I wanted to give a nice shout-out today to Sara Pulver, the wonderful artist who is doing the illustrations for Lucy The Wonder Weenie. Her artwork is quirky, sweet, and puts a new twist on the way we see the world around us. She has a lovely Etsy shop with paintings, prints and cards for sale. Stop by and check out her adorable artwork.

Sara and I are collaborating on a children's book, and every day she sends me a new painting which is bringing this story to life. Many days I cry when I see her paintings. They are so sweet and whimsical and funny and true. Yesterday she sent me a painting of Lucy the Weenie Dog embracing a little girl, and I realized the devotion we get from our pets is the equivalent of a huge hug of unconditional love. That is the perfect symbol of a pet's love for us.

Thank you, Sara, for all your hard work and inspired vision!

For those of you interested in our book, I am hoping it will be released sometime this fall.

Hope you all have a happy Friday, a wonderful weekend, and get lots of hugs and kisses from your furry friends!

All my best,