Monday, August 20, 2012

A Bleary-Eyed Monday Morning Update

American Bald Eagle at VINS

Yes, this is a deja vu post. I went back to Vermont. Hee hee! My husband and kids were jealous I went last weekend with my mother, so we all went this time. We added a couple of extra fun outings...including VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) to see the raptors. My favorites were the snowy owl and great grey owl. The kids loved this American Eagle--he's missing half of a wing... :^(

We also made it to FH Gillingham and Sons General Store in Woodstock, VT. It's an incredible old-timey general store (been around since 1886) that has an eclectic mix of stuff--from toys to wine to kitchen wares to a hilarious selection of beers from around the world. 

Gillinghams in Woodstock, VT

Super quickie reading update:

I read Seducing Cinderella by Gina Maxwell, which was a cute, sexy erotic story I would definitely recommend. I gave it 4 stars.

I also read More Than One Night by Sarah Mayberry which I LOVED. Gave it 5 stars. It's a terrific Harly about an unplanned pregnancy (of course!) but it's not your average, generic Harly. The story was surprisingly sweet and emotional and genuine. I may have teared up at the end, but since there's no photographic evidence, I'll never admit it!

Next up: Recommended on the Ami boards, Still Life by Louise Penny is supposed to be a fabulous mystery/romance, and I can't wait to start this series. Folks were gushing about how great it is.

Two and a half weeks until school starts. ACK! My to-do list is cray cray, so regular blogging will still be on hiatus until the fall.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week,