Monday, April 2, 2012

A Tale Of Three Heroes

I've read three books recently, and all of them had amazing heroes. One was sexy and sweet. One was moody and sexy. And one had a Southern twang that made me want to smack him over the head with a cast iron skillet and drag him off to my cave. Where he could serve me iced tea and say things like "Here ya go, darlin."

First up.....Weekend Agreement by Barbara Wallace. (How adorable is that cover?) I have read a few books by this author, and this is by far the best. I love how Wallace always includes a New England setting in her books, how she manages to create an understated heroine with backbone and resolve, who is also sweet and kind, and how her heroes are moody, brooding and sexy. And this book is no exception. The story pairs an academic (historian) with a cynical billionaire for a weekend party, and their love and trust develop beautifully and believably. This story has a wonderful and satisfying HEA. Loved it! Grade: A

Next up....One Tasty Night by Amber Skyze. Normally I don't go for cougar stories or BDSM. But this one worked for me. I've read another book by this author, and I really like how she mixes sweet and loving with naughty and sexy. Her erotic stories are always grounded in a loving and affectionate connection. For the record, it's not really that cougarish (there is not a huge age difference here), and also for the record, I would call this BDSM-Very Light. The cover of the book looks pretty wicked, but the story itself is mild. The hero, Shane, has been in love with Taylor for a long time and he is willing to indulge her erotic fantasies and show her how much he cares. This story is sexy and sweet, and the hero is adorable and devoted to the heroine. This is my kind of erotica! Grade: B

Finally....Suite Assumptions by JW Manus. I read a romantic suspense by this author, and this book was quite different. (Although I thought it was going to turn into a romantic suspense, but she was just fooling me). It still has a lot of deep POV and self-reflection by the characters (a brittle heroine with something to prove and an adorable Southern hero who is sweet and kind and sexy and talks like this..."Darlin'...I keep thinking about that bed.") Yowzah! Anyhoo, this is a short novel, with a suspense plotline-that-actually-wasn't, a grating heroine who finally lightens up, a kooky hotel with a honeymoon suite, and the most delicious Southern hero ev-ah. Sign me up for some of that sweet potato pie! Grade: B

Three great heroes, three fun books. What's up for this week? A paranormal romance by Joseph Mazzenga. Looking forward to it!

(ETA: Evidently my fav word of the day is adorable....hee hee!)

Happy Monday,