Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Music Video For A Crazy Fan Girl

This one's for you, Bobbi Baby!

Bobbi Ruggiero, who is a very nice person and an excellent writer, was recently strong-armed by certain unscrupulous folks (me and Ruthie Knox) into reading Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley. Now I am feeling sort of guilty because she's being tortured by writing errors, clothing descriptions, and visualizing Joe Manganiello as Tate.

To make her feel better, since she'll probably be reading that sucker until 2015 (it's seriously the longest book in the world), I am posting a Duran Duran video. Bobbi is one of those slightly unbalanced super enthusiastic fans who follows bands all over the country and sneaks into their dressing rooms gets photos to post on Facebook. Really! So, here's one of my favorite Duran Duran songs.....

How awesome is this video of A View To A Kill (1985)? The hair! The eyeliner! The blazers with the sleeves pushed up. The "high-tech" gadgets...hee hee! I love this little ditty.

Enjoy, Ms. Bobbi! Hope you are still hanging in there with The Book.

ETA: Don't forget to stop by for The Martini Club tomorrow. Heidenkind will be here with some crazy stories about Winston Churchill and his wee little drinking habit.

All my best,