Friday, April 6, 2012

Beard of the Day: The Sunshine Award

Big thanks to Jamie Brazil for the Sunshine Award! She gave it out to 10 bloggers, and I'm supposed to answer 10 questions about myself and award it to 10 other bloggers, etc. I decided to try and answer 10 questions about beards, and surprisingly, I could! Also, since I just posted a piece about my favorite sites, I think I'll merely mention a few of my favorite author blogs (not reviewer blogs, just authors letting it all hang loose!). My favs right now are....

1. Gail Carriger, who has lots of fascinating tidbits about vintage clothing, steampunk stuff and tea.
2. Carolyn Crane, who has a wicked funny sense of humor and often posts hilarious drawings.
3. RJ Silver, whose self-deprecating humor always makes me laugh out loud.
4. How To Write Badly Well, by Joel Stickley, which is pretty much self-explanatory.
5. For more author blogs and other fun sites, see this post.

And now for 10 questions about beards....I did it!

10 Questions About Beards

1. Stache or no stache? Mustache must be accompanied by a beard. Stache by itself....ugh!

2. Goatee or full-on Paul Bunyan? Paul Bunyan, baby! Wild and woolly!

3. Salt and pepper or dyed black? I love salt and pepper. See exhibit A....

4. Who has the best legendary beard? I'm going with Santa Claus.

5. Who has the best celebrity beard? I'm going with Hugh Jackman.

6. Who has the best scruff? I'm going with Daniel Craig. See Exhibit B.....

7. Who has the best fu manchu stache/beard combo? Chow Yun Fat.

8. Who has the best beard in a romance novel? I'm going with Ian in Virgin River's big and red! Yee haw!

9. Who has the best western beard? Clint Eastwood.

10. How do I feel about accessorizing beards? If it's good enough for Brad Pitt, it's good enough for me. See Exhibit C....

Thanks again to Jamie Brazil for this special edition of Beard of the Day!

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I will be hosting The Martini Club: Easter Cocktails on Sunday. Coz nothing says Easter Sunday quite like a pastel colored alcoholic beverage!