Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Martini Club Welcomes Smexy Books & A Box O' Wine

Welcome to another rousing romp with The Martini Club. When you think about sexy cocktails, you might envision a frosty martini glass. Or perhaps a shot of tequila with lime and salt (and licking the salt from Hugh Jackman's bicep.......uh........)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Sexy drinks. A frozen margarita? Scotch? An elegant bottle of red wine? Typically a cardboard box doesn't pop into your brain. But wine in a box doesn't have to mean this....

Boxed wine could also mean this....

See how elegant she is? So refined. Really.

Anyway, the surge in popularity of boxed wine (which is basically wine in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box) is due to various advantages. The boxes hold more wine. They don't break like a bottle. They're easy to open. And they chill quickly. If you're looking for a good party option, this could be it!

I knew right away when I decided to do a post about boxed wine that I had to call Mandi, Connoisseur O' The Box. I know from drunken tweets, embarrassing Facebook pics and thinly veiled references in her blog (maybe not that thinly veiled) that Mandi is on Team Box and enjoys this wine with her gal pals. So I thought she could recommend some good ones for those of us looking to dip our toes into the brand new world of....cardboard!

Take it away, Mandi!


(An aisle of boxed wine! I know! I’m excited too!)

When Penny wrote me an email, that started with “Hey Sloshy,” I knew we had something special going on.

I love wine. I love cocktails. I love beer. (Are you understanding the sloshy part now?)

[Quick note from Penelope.....photographic proof of former statement.....]

[Back to Mandi....]

I adore getting together with friends. Having some drinks and just chatting about everything and anything.

[Another quick interruption from Penelope....more proof that Mandi and her friends enjoy having drinks together....what the hell is that thing on her head?]

[Back to Mandi.....]
But above all, my one true love – is boxed wine. Is it because I’m a redneck? Possibly. Because it is cheap? Well, yes. But there is more to it!

The Almaden Cabernet is one of my all-time favorite wines. And yes I joke about how I only drink boxed wine, but remember I’m Sloshy! I have gone to numerous wine festivals, and have been drinking wine, both boxed and bottled for many years. And while I’ve fallen madly in love with some malbecs out there, whenever I go back to my beloved gold and black box, it is like coming home. Boxed wine stays fresh for so long! Bottled wine gets a weird, molasses type flavor if you have to re-cork it (let’s face it though- when I open a bottle of wine, the cork never goes back in).

For those special occasions where it might not be appropriate to slurp from a box, here are my recommendations for bottles of wine:

J. Lohr Cabernet
Ménage a trois (I bought it for the name, but it has become a favorite)
Francis Ford Coppola Malbec
Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

Are you a boxed wine drinker? What are some of your favorite wines?

[Final comment from Penelope.....this is the cutest pic ever! I think Mandi's dad is King O' Boxed Wine!]


Thanks, Mandi! First, I must say that the black and gold box (which would be perfect for Steeler's games) is veryyyyyy sexy. Or smexy. Also, I love Coppola wine! I can't wait to try these out.

For some more recommendations, check out this article from Epicurious.

Also, The NYT did a taste test...hee hee!

And here's one more from Real Simple Magazine

I'm trying Mandi's rec for the Coppola Malbec. Here is Francis Ford Coppola wishing all of you a Sloshy Sunday!

Sloshy Sunday To All!


Unknown said...

Three points, if I may:

1. You had me at the very beginning, until we got to Hugh Jackman's bicep. Fine Actor that he is I think I shal leave the licking of his body parts to you and Ishbel, who liked that point, sheesh if that's all it takes I said, salt away my love, sjhe went back to her kindle!

2. Ishbel believes thaty it would be incredibly bad form to leave wine in a bottle once opened in the evening, for gods sake I am not buying her a box under any circumstance......

3. Mandi looks so much like the funniest lady on Brit TV at the moment, one gorgeously funny Miranda Hart, check her out

Penny Watson said...

1. Leave Hugh to me....I got it covered!

2. Ishbel is a very wise woman.

3. Mandi does look like her....that is adorable!

Happy Sunday! I just saw the blog post you did on your garden, Tom. I LOVE it! All the flowers, and fish, and Ishbel, and the spider....:^)

Sophia (FV) said...

I might need to cruise the boxed wine isle today. IS there a boxed wine isle? Surely there must be. :)

Penny Watson said...

Make sure you're wearing your mirrored sunglasses when you cruise the boxed wine area. Have fun!

Musings by Mimmi said...

I loved this post! LOL, and I'm a boxed wine kind of gal myself ~ because it's cheap and GOOD! I really like the Franzia...but I'm totally going to try your Coppola Malbec! Here in KY we also have a local IN wine that is not too pricey, bottled and is made of Awesome...Huber's Winery. They have one called Pop's Reserve. And thankfully it's a one time a year vintage ~~ because you can totally call me sloshy when I get my bottles!

AWESOME pics ~~ you look so happy and lightly toasted!

Mandi said...

Why yes, lightly toasted is very accurate. LOLOLOL..

And Sophia - of course there is a boxed wine aisle! It's where all the cool kids hang out.

Carolyn Crane said...

Smexy on the martini club! Yay! Great post. I have also heard that boxed wine lasts longer because it's not exposed to air once you open it, so theoretically, you could drink less and the wine doesn't go bad.

SUCH a cute pic of you and your pop!!!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Melissa! That's so cool you have a local wine nearby. Love that!

@Mandi....Hey Sloshy! Thanks for visiting today!

@Carolyn....isn't Mandi's dad adorable? I love his crown. ;^)

Heidenkind said...

My mom is obsessed with the Target brand boxed pinot noir (it is pretty good, I'll admit). Unfortunately, in Colorado it's illegal for Target to sell alcohol, so every time she goes out of state she comes back with the trunk half-full of boxed wine.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Love the post and the pics but I think I'll keep sucking from my bottle until somebody rips it from my hands... probably the winemakers who will soon be boxing everything!

Penny Watson said...

Tasha....if our Target had alcohol, it would be my perfect one-stop shopping store! Bah! In Massachusetts, most grocery stores can't sell alcohol. It's sooooo irritating. AND, my town is dry. ACK!!!! I have to drive 5 miles down the road just to get a bottle of wine. It is so very uncivilized.

Penny Watson said...

Julia, since you're a Napa girl, and I think that goes without saying. ;^)