Saturday, December 17, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program....

Nothing like 24 hours in the emergency room getting an EKG, blood work, chest X-ray, more EKGs, and a stress test to bring home the true meaning of Christmas.....


☺Just kidding. Due to ill effects of a new med (which I figured out 24 hours later), I experienced chest pain on Thursday night, went to the ER, got a whole bunch of stuff done, and ended up not leaving the damned hospital until almost 24 hours later. The good news: I'm fit as a fiddle, and my heart is doing great. No blood clots. Everything is A-OK. The bad news: I was in the ER for 24 freakin' hours. Cripes.

(Just as an aside, I find it extremely irritating that you cannot wear a bra while doing the stress-test. Jogging on a treadmill without a brassiere is a super bad idea).

So, I'll be taking it easy this weekend and enjoying time w/ the family. My son brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in the hospital, and my daughter refused to sit down because it was a "germ-fest in here." 

This week I'm shopping for the kids and my hubby, which I love to do. And planning a Christmas dinner. My husband is making his famous beef tenderloin with 3 sauces....white, red and green. Cute!

Happy Weekend To All,