Friday, December 23, 2011

Random And Excellent

Scott Fiander has done it again! Made me laugh so hard my dog freaked out. He was inspired by several of my recent posts. The illustration above, titled "Penny In The ER" is a reference to my trip to the ER. The one below, "Christmas Spirit In A Candy Cane" was inspired by yesterday's post. How I love these! Merry Christmas to me. Thanks, Scott!

And in other excellent, random news, I made a Random Booklist for 2011....twice! Melissa, of Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf, listed Sweet Inspiration as Best Foodie Book and Most Embarrassing Book Cover....hee hee! Excellent! And totally random.

Also, Dead Trees and Silver Screens gave Sweet Magik an A+ review yesterday....She calls it "A perfect Christmas fantasy!" I am feeling tingly all over.

ETA: Another great 5-star review....from Got Erotic Romance..."Penny Watson has a charming style I just can't get enough of." Yippee-i-ay!

Last day of school, start of Christmas vacation, time to watch Santa Claus Is Coming To Town! Yee haw!

Happy, happy, random, excellent day!