Thursday, December 15, 2011

If You Take The "Maul" Out Of The An-i-maul, All You Have Left Is Zzzzzz......

If you ask me what I think is the most boring thing in the world, I will answer without hesitation.


(Also.......watching golf on TV).

I fall asleep reading about politics. I fall asleep watching news shows about politics. I fall asleep when people start talking about politics.


So, I can't think of a better way to crush a potentially exciting story than to smother it with politics.

In theory, paranormal romance about animal shape-shifters is a brilliant concept. Animals are primitive, loyal, brutal. These stories should be filled with excitement, sensuality, chemistry, passion, intensity and even violence. What could be more intense than animalistic sex? What could be more powerful than loyalty to a mate?

So what would be the #1 way to mess up a shifter story? Add politics. A lot of politics. Instead of focusing on the animal, focus on the most boring-ass part of "human" society. *Yawn*

If you take the animal out of the animal shifter story, all you have left is stupid-ass humans. Bor-ing.

Christine Feehan gets the appeal of animal shifters. She focuses on the animal in its habitat. She really gets into their heads. Think like one. Smell like one. Hunt like one. Kill like one. Love like one. The focus of her shifter stories is the characters, what motivates them, how they behave and how the animal part of their personalities dictates their lives. These books are totally satisfying reads. I love them!

I just finished reading Jennifer Ashley's Bodyguard and I was underwhelmed. Too much politics. Too much focus on the plot/storyline. Where was the animalistic, hot and heavy sex scenes? Missing in action. I find that Shelly Laurenston's shifter books, as well as Lora Leigh's breeder series, also do the same thing. By focusing too much on the human-side of things, including the political structure of these societies, they have squashed the animalistic excitement right out of the story.

If the hero of a story is a gigantic Kodiak bear, I'm jonesing for some gigantic, bear-sized sex scenes.


Thinking that a spanky elf could have helped out that story, too (which is worrisome),


JenM said...

Another shifter series that has way too much politics is Moira Rogers' Southern Arcana series. People seem to love it, but I've tried the first two books and I just find it boring. Lots of hot sex, interspersed with boring politics. At least there is lots of hot sex, so maybe you would like it anyway.

Penny Watson said...

Jen----Ha haaaa! I guess that makes it better if you get some hot sex, too. :^) But the political stuff makes me snooze. I haven't read her series. I'll stick with Christine Feehan.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

You must have been bored if you were fantasizing about spanky elves! I hate politics. Hate hate hate discussing them or reading about them. My sister insists I'm burying my head. Uh-uh. I'm choosing to be happy, not continually stressed.
I don't need shifter politics either. Just as boring. Too bad.
But I don't like animal sex, you know. It's all humpity-hump. Plus things get stuck.

Carolyn M. Hughes said...

Was this your first of Ms. Ashley's shifter series? I'm curious. Because I found, beginning with "Pride Mates," the books are hot, hot, hot.

At least try "Pride Mates" before you write the series off. I think you might be surprised. :)

Penny Watson said...

Julia...I would rather have humpity-hump than politics!

Carolyn....I read one other one that I didn't love, but I will try Pride Mates, too. I'll put it on the TBR pile and give it a chance. Thanks for the rec!