Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When Penny Goes To The Dark Side.....

Hee hee heeee! How great is this pic?

Huge thanks to Scott Fiander, who is the artist for RJ Silver, for creating this incredibly life-like portrait of me on the dark side. (Except my boobs aren't that perky, and my fingernails aren't that talon-like). Otherwise, it's a dead ringer.

Scott mentioned that he is a blogging "noob" and I told him I was the opposite....a haggard old bitty with a butt hanging out of my mouth and a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand. He was inspired, as you can see.

I'm thinking that this portrait makes me look like a real the tradition of Ernest Hemingway....

I got my turkey, I got the booze, now I have to....clean my house. Dammit!

The turkey don't care if the toilets are clean,