Monday, November 7, 2011

Now THAT'S What I'm Talking About

After reading the extremely disappointing Northern Fascination by Jennifer LaBrecque, which falsely advertised a rugged-looking bearded hero on the front cover (he was actually an executive weenie with a blackberry), I was thrilled to discover Primal Calling by Jillian Burns last night. This is another Harlequin Blaze, but this one did not disappoint. The hero was authentic through and through...a half-Inuit, big-bearded, Alaskan pilot who was gruff and scowling and beardy and grumpy. My kind of hero, baby! The heroine was fine (a prissy city girl who gets into a lot of trouble), the Alaskan setting was fully utilized (unlike the other book), and there was even some cool spiritual, magical Shaman-y stuff going on. Big Bonus: The appearance of the Snowy Owl, which is one of my favorite birds.

This book still had some typical Harlequin-style writing...

"Even hidden behind the shaggy hair and beard he was a handsome man. But there was something more. Something in the depth of his dark brown eyes that called to her."

What do you mean, "hidden behind the....beard?" Is she crazy?

This is a pretty lusty book, but the part that I liked the best was the satisfying ending....the tortured hero finally healed by a priss in high heels. Go Harly, Go Harly, Go Harly!

There was only one little, teeny-tiny, irritating problem with this book.....

He shaves off his beard.


For the girl.

If my guy shaved his beard, I would fling him off a cliff. Just once I would like the heroine to say "Your beard kicks ass, honey. Let's get it on!"

Anyhow, this book promises a rugged, bearded Alaskan man, and it delivers.

Grade: A-/B+ (for beard-shaving disaster)

And in other news.....

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Please stop by Julia Rachel Barrett's site today....I did a totally schizophrenic interview where I actually interviewed my own self. It's.....very unusual! Hee heeeeee!

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