Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quickie Interview With RJ Silver

One of my favorite discoveries in 2011 was a new-to-me author who combines snappy writing, sarcastic humor, and a dollop of romance in his witty short stories. (My other favorite discoveries in 2011 are Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Lovers 85% Cacao Bar and the Etsy site. More on those later!).

Back to RJ. He's an alien. He's hilarious. And he has a book with the word "penis" in the title. Since I have a penchant for reading train wrecks (can you say Bearotica?) I immediately jumped at the chance to read The Princess and The Penis, thinking it would be excellent fodder for a train wreck post. Little did I know.... it was cute, funny and a hysterical satire of the romance genre. 

Following that unexpected discovery, I quickly read RJ's other stories...The Ballerina, The Gymnast and The Yoga Master, and his latest story, My Third-World Girlfriend. I also started stalking following him on Twitter, at Goodreads, on Facebook, and sending him disturbing fan mail complimentary emails. 

Since he hasn't taken out a restraining order yet, I think he likes me!

RJ was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me today. And he is offering all my readers a totally cool freebie. You can download The Ballerina, The Gymnast and The Yoga Master (my favorite!) for free at Smashwords....use this coupon: CA54Q. Thanks, RJ!

Here's my Interview With RJ......

1.     What is the funniest thing you’ve ever read? Snorting out loud, embarrassing yourself in a public place sort of funny?

My last divorce settlement was pretty funny, in a cup-your-hands-over-your-face , crying sort of way.  Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 was pretty good, too, perhaps because it helped me better understand what happened in the settlement.

2.     Micro-brew from Vermont or Budweiser?

Micro-brew from Vermont. There’s nothing I love more than an adventure with an unpredictable ending.

3.     If you had to join one reality TV show, what would it be?

            Lost. I know it only aired for a season or two, but I feel as if I’m still filming.

4.     What’s the coolest place you’ve ever lived?

Downtown Bangkok. Such a bustling, energetic place. The fact I didn’t have a job for the year seemed to help, too.

5.     What’s the best color combination? A.) Blue and White B.) Navy and Orange C.) Black and Gold ....Follow-up question….How many terrible towels do you own?

Black and Gold, of course. But, actually, I don’t own any terrible towels.  I try not to own anything anymore, mainly because it makes a quick escape so much easier.

6.     What’s the wackiest fan comment you’ve ever received?

One woman insisted I write about a vagina (hence my post, The Vagina Conundrum).  Thankfully, I’m in a meaningful relationship, otherwise that might have spurred another 25 years of in-depth research.

7.     Do you plan to write any other books about penises? Just wondering.

No, but I am working on a story involving testicles.  It’s about twins.

8.     What’s the best “I just fucked up and have to get my girlfriend a suck-up gift” purchase? A) Flowers B) Candy C) 25 karat diamond tiara D) All of the above, and a new SUV wouldn’t be a bad idea either

Surprisingly, it was a new SUV. Not very smart, considering that woman had just run over her husband multiple times in Houston.

9.     Any special care for your antenna? Conditioners? Hair mousse? Does your girlfriend try to put a bow on it….sort of like a yorkie? See photo below….

          I don’t know what she does with my antenna, but sometimes, when I wake up, the top of my head is sore.  As for special care, no.  It’s up there in the fresh air and the sunshine, with no folds or crevices to worry about, so it pretty much takes care of itself.

10. If someone had to play you in a movie, who would it be?

Jack Nicholson, hands down.  He’s been crazy (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest), had serious women problems (The Witches of Eastwick), and has firsthand experience working with Aliens (Mars Attacks).  Jack, call me.

Oh....I LOVE Jack! Good one! He would look great with an antenna on his head, too. Well, it's always good to have a fellow Stillers fan (that's "Steelers" for all you non-Pittsburghers) on my site. Thanks for stopping by.

For anyone looking for a quick, funny, clever, well-written story, I recommend any of RJ's books...

The Princess And The Penis
The Ballerina, The Gymnast and The Yoga Master (use coupon CA54Q)
My Third-World Girlfriend

Also, check out his website and blog....he has some hilarious posts! And all of the adorable cartoons are done by Scott Fiander.

Well, I'm off to wave my terrible towel and guzzle down a Magic Hat #9. Please leave a comment for RJ and say hi!



Katie O'Sullivan said...

Funny post! need to check out those books - they sound like they may be the antidote for holiday stress...

Penny Watson said...

Hi Katie! They are the perfect reads for the holidays....quick and funny! RJ has a wicked sense of humor.

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Are you cooking? I'm making my hubby do most of the cooking. I'm going to sip my glass of red wine and relax...hee hee!

RJ Silver said...

What? No questions about the twin stars of my new story? I've asked them to hang around for a while, just in case!

KT Grant said...

Makes sense a story about testicles would be next. Would this be the sequel to The Princess and the Peen?

JenM said...

RJ, your blog is hilarious. I especially liked the one a couple of days ago - RJ's advice to women about men. The bit about how women will misinterpret why he is staring at the wall is classic. Thanks for my morning coffee snort.

RJ Silver said...

@KB/KTGrant. No sequel. It's a completely different set of genitals. I'm telling this story from the bottom up.

RJ Silver said...

@JenM. Glad you like blog, but it's really not me. Being a man and immature/juvenile just seem to naturally go hand in hand.

Penny Watson said...

You know, RJ, I hate to point this out but "Lost" is not actually a reality TV show. It would be super mean to really put a bunch of people on a plane and then have them crash into an island and see what happens. Although I guess it's just as mean to force people to cook a 5-course meal using rattlesnake. :^)

RJ Silver said...

My dear Penny. This is the first time I've ever been right when debating with a member of the fairer sex, so please allow me to gloat. Lost was a reality TV show back in 2001!

Oh, victory feels so good!

(I'm going to pay for this, aren't i?)

Penny Watson said...

Ha haa haaa! Touché,my good man! You got me. Although, in my defense, I had no idea that show existed in 2001. In 2001, my son was 4 years old. Which means I did not actually watch any TV shows. I watched 23 and 1/2 hours a day of Thomas The Tank Engine videos...

I still hear that song in my dreams....

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I was in the middle of leaving a comment last night and my computer shut down. Now I can't remember what words of wisdom I planned to impart.

Um, RJ, you write funny books and both my husband and I love to read your stuff? How's that?

Twins, huh?

Geekamicus said...

Apparently, caffeine deficiency is an ugly thing. I read the head line as "Hicky interview with RJ Silver". I knew you guys were friendly, but I was shocked.

Penny Watson said...

Geek! You bad! Aliens can't get hickeys. ;^)

RJ Silver said...


I just saw your comment now. I've been busy tormenting Penny with David Lee Roth's "I'm Just a Gigolo" song. Now listen up, Penny: I'm just a Gigolo, and every where I go...

Anyways, glad you enjoy my immaturity. Ironic, isn't it? All my life, my immaturity got me in trouble with the women in my life. Now I'm gaining new female friends because of it. Go figure!