Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Touch Of Whimsy, A Scruffy Kiss & A First Review: Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I am extremely happy that Wednesday is over. In summary, I accidentally deleted a 1300-word blog post, then spent an hour trying to retrieve it, then gave up and rewrote the whole damned thing, then exploded a jar of pasta sauce in my white kitchen, then smashed my leg in the car door, and then had a epic battle with my daughter about her homework.

Happy Thursday!

In an effort to make myself feel better last night, I surfed Etsy for cute Christmas-y stuff, and I watched the season premiere of Top Chef (fun!). The whimsical bookmark above was one of the sweetest, most whimsical things I found while on-line shopping. So cute! Here is the link for it on Etsy.

I also re-read Liz Carlyle's No True Gentleman, which is on my all-time fav historical list. Here's a nice paragraph from the book. Note the POV changes within the same paragraph. Carlyle has them popping back and forth throughout this book.

"Catherine gasped but did not draw away. Instead, her fingers curled into the fabric of his cloak, dragging her body against his. The gasp became a soft sound of need. Again, he raked his mouth over hers, heedlessly chafing her with the stubble of his beard. Max did not need to see the elegant line of her jaw or the inviting swell of her bottom lip to know that he had to taste her more deeply. His body had thrummed with lust the moment he'd seized her hand and swept her across Walrafen's ballroom."

Stubbly beard! I'll take it! ☺

Finally, I awoke this morning to find the first posted review for Sweet Magik. According to Gaby at Oh My Books, "If you are looking for a heart warming romance for this Christmas, this one is for you!"

Happy Thursday! Wednesday is just a distant memory.

Hope everyone has a great day and avoids splattering vodka sauce all over themselves like a horror movie,

P.S. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the party with the Klaus Brothers. We will be giving away a copy of Sweet Magik and a fun holiday necklace (surprisingly, from Etsy!....hee hee).