Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Have A Very Spanky Christmas

I'm not exactly sure what spanking has to do with Christmas, but for some reason it seems to be a recurring theme with the holiday erotica stories. Nothing says Christmas like BDSM! (Well, actually, I can think of a lot of things that are more appropriate for the holidays, but nevertheless, I am still reading these wacky books).

Here is a quickie holiday reading update.....

1.) All I Want For Christmas Is You by Lisa Mondello

This is a very sweet and romantic holiday story. Kyle is a wonderful hero who longs for a family of his own. Lauren and her daughter Kristen have fallen on hard times, and need a miracle. I adore stories that focus on family as a holiday theme, and this book fits the bill. This is a traditional holiday tale. 

Grade: A-/B+

2.) Snowed In With Santa by Sue Lyndon

This started out with a good premise and a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the ending was rushed and got fairly ridiculous. Santa is a secret dom looking for a tushy to spank. Alana drives through a snow storm to a stranger's house, gets snowed in, and discovers the joys of submission. Merrrrrrry Christmas! Hee heee....just kidding.

Grade: C+

3.) Christmas Elf by Tielle St Clare

I LOVED this one! The first half of the book has no sex....just a build up of sexual attraction between an innocent elf kicked out of the North Pole and a jaded businessman who has lost his Christmas spirit. The second half of the book was extremely erotic...but the story also manages to be sweet and satisfying. And very holiday-themed....about family, love, and capturing the spirit of Christmas. Also filled with humor and hilarious dialogue. LOVED it!

Grade: A

4.) My Everything by Julia Barrett

This was my only non-holiday reading for the week. Once again I am blown away by Julia's talent. I am not usually a big lover of romantic suspense, but this book was so good I inhaled it. The initial premise for the story is high on coincidence, but I didn't care. It is very sexy, very intense, and the pacing of the storyline was perfect. Barrett does a great job weaving the erotic portion of the story with the suspenseful plotline. There may have been a smidge too much sex for me (quit laughing), but otherwise this story was close to perfect. Very compelling and entertaining read.

Grade: A

Hope everyone has recovered from their Thanksgiving feasts! Today is all about walking and lettuce for moi!