Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's A Slippery Slope

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Review of Lovers In Love by Jane Schmo
This is reviewed by Patricia P. Paddlepuss of "Supra-Romantic Romances"

"What a wonderful story! Anne and Frank don't really like each other when they first meet. Sparks were flying! But then they finally fell in love, got married, and had 4 babies. What a romantic happy ending."

Grade: A


Comment from Joe: Well thanks a lot, Patricia! You just gave away the whole ending. Now I'm not going to read the book. I'm sure the author really appreciates that you just spoiled the entire story with your stupid review. I think that you need to review your reviews. Because they suck.

Comment from Lisa: Patricia, I loved this book, too. And I loved your review. Ignore Joe. He's an idiot. I think he needs to review his comment of your review. It would get an "F"!!!

Comment from Tammy: I think Lisa needs to review her review of the comment of your review. Because Joe is right. You're an idiot. (And so is Lisa.)

Comment from Marshall: I hesitate to bring this up, but this story IS a romance. All romances have a happy ending. So this just further supports Lisa's hypothesis that Joe is an idiot. Because why should he be surprised that there is a happy ending in a romance novel? They all end that, marriage, babies. Sometimes vampire conversions. You know! Come on! My review of Joe's comment on Patricia's review is....epic fail.

Comment from Nancy: My review of the review of the comment of the original review is....wait, I lost my train of thought.

Comment from Jane: I wrote this book. I'm just happy if anyone is reading it, reviewing it. It's all good! Thanks, everyone.

Comment from Kira: I don't care if Jane wrote the book. I think her comment about the comments about the review, reviewing the review, is ridiculous.

Comment from John: Nice going, Patricia! This book was free, but now it's 99 cents....thanks to dumb-ass people like you who review it and make it popular.

Comment from Nancy: John, you can't cough up a big whopping buck for a book? Get a job!

Comment from Joe: I think the comment on the comment of the review on the comment of the review on the reviewer's review is superb! Well done! At least SOME PEOPLE know how to write a good review.


Signing Off,
Patricia P. Paddlepuss