Monday, October 10, 2011

It's A Jungle Out There

This is what my lovely courtyard garden looks like right now. Not so lovely.

When I say it's a jungle, I do mean jungle. We have multi-generational bunny families living in there. Snakes. Chipmunks. Weeds taller than I am. Overgrown shrubs and vines. At some point during the summer (early) it got out of control and I was afraid to go in there and weed and prune because the baby bunnies kept hopping around.

Underneath the jungle are hostas. Somewhere on the left I think? Hee hee! I had tons of Johnny Jump-Ups (which the bunnies ate with great relish). I still have oregano (another bunny favorite), lemon balm, basil. The chives have disappeared. 

As far as horticultural goals, this is an epic fail. But since I don't like to focus on my failures, I am already looking ahead to next year. I'm going to have a highly organized "potager" style garden, with a brick in-lay and gorgeous terracotta pots. 

In the meantime, I can still enjoy the nasturtiums I planted....poking out next to the lemon balm......

I also have some nice African blue basil.....

And some pretty hydrangea flowers, seen here with a zebra grass.....

Even though my lawn guys mowed down ALL of my morning glory and sweet pea seedlings this year--TWICE! (I tried to replant them)--a few from last year self-seeded, and they survived.....

Sometimes I think my garden is sort of like my life....out of control. But with good stuff floating around in there. :^)

I hope that everyone has a great week....filled with gorgeous flowers, minimal weeds, and even the occasional cute baby bunny.

All my best,