Monday, October 17, 2011

I Got Nothin'

Happy Monday Morning! (uttered through half-closed eyes)....

1. I watched 3 horror movies simultaneously last night (zombies, vampires, murdering psychopaths).
2. Hubby got home at 3 AM and wanted to chat.
3. I DNFed a bunch of freebie books this weekend. Still looking for "Mr. Right" (the book that will capture my attention).
4. This is a cool photo my son took a couple of years ago. How I love autumn in New England!

Plans for the week.....Get some sleep. Watch some more horror movies (it is October, after all). Decide which WIP I am finally going to commit to this fall. 

I am off to Starbucks to get a very large pumpkin spice latte.

Hope yinz all have a great week!