Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Coming And Going

I have one single goal for my weight loss now. 

It's not about trying to look good in a bikini. (Those days a longggggg over).

It's not about trying to fit into my old jeans. (I already fit into my old jeans).

It's not about buying some mini skirt with thigh high boots. (heee heeee)

It's about these pants. Carhartt pants. I want a pair of Carhartt pants.

You're probably thinking.....what the hell is wrong with Penelope? Why would she want a pair of work pants? Well, let me tell you a story.....

A long time ago when I was just a young whipper snapper, I went to grad school. Not for creative writing or landscape design or art history. I went to turf school. What is turf school? Well, I actually went to Cornell and got a masters degree in turfgrass science. There's a science to turfgrass? Well, evidently there is. On the positive side, I also got a degree in plant taxonomy and took all the hort sci classes I wanted to, got paid, and was lucky enough to live in Ithaca, NY, which is a fabulous place. On the down side, it was just me and 10,000 dudes wearing Carhartt pants. (Not a lot of women in the turfgrass industry). Nevertheless, I persevered, got an advanced degree, and developed a fondness for Carhartt pants. These pants are tough, rugged, and indestructible. They will survive a New England winter, a small weenie dog, and several rambunctious children. 

Most importantly, they look good coming and going....see Exhibit B......

There is nothing finer than a guy wearing a pair of Carhartt pants. And nothing cooler than a chick who can carry them off. Me! Me! I can do it!

If I can lose enough weight, I am convinced that I will be able to wear these pants and look totally bad-ass. Indestructible.

So, that's my goal. 

Some women might have a picture of a string bikini on their closet door to inspire them to lose weight. I have a picture of some Carhartt pants.

Dreaming of khaki,