Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quickie Sunday Updates

Cool movie alert! Last night my family watched Earth (2007), a Disney Nature documentary, narrated by James Earl Jones. This is a gorgeous film with some incredible footage of animal migrations, including polar bears, elephants in south Africa, humpback whales, and stunning views of the tropical rain forests. The shots of the Aurora Australis light show are so amazing, I couldn't believe it was real. This is a great film for the whole family (my kids were spellbound) or for adults. I always find these nature shows help to put everything else in our lives into perspective, reminding us of our place within the universe. I highly recommend this lovely film. Grade: A

I just finished reading Firefae, a very short erotic story written by Deborah Panger, and published by The Wild Rose Press. It's a super fun, hot and lusty quickie. Gunner, a hunkalicious fireman, is abducted to fairy world by Sera, a fiery little humdinger of a fairy. In a few short pages, Panger introduces two cute characters, creates a sweet paranormal setting (I especially liked the garnet-studded cave, reflecting Sera's fiery nature...excellent!), gives us just a touch of their personalities, and a whole lot of lusty loving. And, I had to look up a word in the dictionary (I just love it when I learn new vocabulary words when I read). The word: incalescent, which means increasing in heat or ardor. Well, all right! Grade: A-

Happy Sunday,