Monday, January 18, 2010

Quickie Kindle Reviews: Forbidden Thunder, Seducing Simon and Not Just Make Believe

Here are three mini-reviews of e-books I've read on my kindle recently.

Forbidden Thunder
by Kathleen Lash

This is the most bizarre combination of topics in a romance novel I have read in my life. An in-depth look at the trucking and towing industry with romance. Hee hee....sounds crazy? Well, for some bizarre and unknown reason I was really digging it! I think I could start my own trucking company right now after all of the stuff I learned reading this book. There is WAY too much detail about the trucking business in this story, including financial stuff, running a company, etc. But I was strangely fascinated about the whole thing. Maybe I'm a bigger nerd than I thought. Good things about this book...characters were awesome, sex was hot, story about Caila's family is heart-breaking and very, very emotional. John Thunder is a great hero. The love and camaraderie within the McKenna family is fabulous. Bad things: too many got ludicrous by the end. But I still really enjoyed this book anyway! Grade: B

This is the first book I have read by this author. She is an excellent storyteller...right from the start I was engrossed by the premise for this book and tore through it to find out what would happen. I also think she did a fantastic job describing the emotional POV of the heroine. But the way things played out at the end of this book killed it for me. First of all, there were too many typos (confident and about using spell check???), the ending was horribly abrupt and unsatisfying, the big black moment was awful...the hero comes off looking like a gigantic ass, it pissed me off that no one seem concerned that the heroine's loss of virginity came after a night of drunken (him), unprotected sex with the hero. Her best friends and even her brother are mad at her!!!! instead of questioning what Simon has done? Are you kidding me? And finally, having a group of firefighters is just screaming out for some yummy, sexy brotherhood-style camaraderie (one of my favorite things!) and Banks didn't tap into this at all. Big disappointment. This book sort of has me scratching my head. Up until the end it was heading for an A or B rating, but the end was a killer for me. Grade: C+

This is a short, "sweet" (as in, no sex!) story told in the first person by a super sarcastic, incredibly clumsy, but kind-hearted heroine. There is a lot of physical comedy in this story, and Sandra Sookoo has a wicked funny sense of humor. In fact, I laughed out loud repeatedly reading this cute story. The beginning was my favorite part...great pacing, hilarious one-liners, and I found the POV enjoyable, and not irritating as I often do with sarcastic first person heroines. This new author has two biggies going for her....1) the woman can write, and 2) her voice is great...I loved it! The end of the story turned into more of a chick lit deal, with a lot of emotional journey stuff, conflict and decisions about the Jekyll and Hyde hero. My super shallowness would have much preferred a hot sex scene and to skip all of that! I'm keeping my eye on this new author...there is nothing I love better than a big heaping dose of humor with my romance! And Sandra Sookoo's sense of humor is right up my alley. (Oh more thing....the cover of this book is absolutely adorable!) Grade: B+

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