Friday, January 22, 2010

Beard of the Day

Today I'm chatting with Mandi at Smexy Books about hunky, hairy guys in romance. Stop by and say hello! Mandi loves cowboys, so I decided to post this scruff-diddly-icious photo of Tim Daly from The Outsider. Nice. I'll bet his mustache twitches just fine.

Happy Hairy Friday To All,


Juju at Tales of said...


Juju at Tales of said...

I LOVE the new look and header! Very clean and simple yet lovely.

I was just thinking "Man I have to wait another year to read about the Klaus brothers".

Penelope said...

Hi Juju! Thanks a lot! I have a friend who is an artist and she did this wonderful block print of Penelope. She is super talented.

I am working on Oskar's story (having some writer's block at the moment...hoping it will pass soon! Ugh!) and also a new story about a "spring fairy"...gonna make it a quickie!