Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quickie Reviews: Skin Game by Ava Gray

Skin Game by Ava Gray

Have you ever eaten something spicy that started out with just a hint of heat and you're thinking...Well, that's not too bad....and then the spice starts to really kick in, and after a couple of minutes you're sweating and guzzling a gallon of milk? Well, that's my best analogy for Ava Gray's Skin Game. Slow burn, finished strong. And I do mean strong. Holy Hell, this woman can write. Wasn't sure I loved it when it started out. The characters seemed interesting, but it's hard to identify with a cold-blooded killer and a chameleon-like con woman. She seemed sort of slutty, and he scared the crap out of me. And I'm thinking...this is the hero and heroine of this book? Really? Well, Jiminy H. Cricket, Gray's approach to characterization is freakin' brilliant. By the end of the book, you are literally dying for an HEA, praying that the vulnerable/sassy/sexy/sneaky/blood-thirsty con woman and the hit man from heaven and hell get together. Gray makes you cheer for this unlikely pair, wondering how the heck is she going to pull it off. This book is seriously the perfect package...fascinating characters, excellent pacing and story line, tons of nail-biting suspense (break out the prilosec, baby!), and off the charts hot sexual encounters. Be forewarned, this is not your granny's romance novel. It's gory and violent in parts, although if I can take it (you know I'm a wuss) then anybody can. My favorite authors make the characters come alive. And Gray has accomplished this in a truly unique and unexpected fashion. Grade: A

Peeved I have to wait until June 1 for the next book in the series...(long suffering sigh),