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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun Links Today!

1. One of my most favorite gals, the excellent, talented and wonderful Liberty Blake, has interviewed me on her blog, Liberty's Spells. We discuss my love of beardy dudes and I share the lumberjack-inspired cocktail recipe for Jack Me Off (hee hee...bad!). She is giving away a free copy of LUMBERJACK IN LOVE to one lucky commenter. Just let her know your favorite beardy guy!

Stop by Liberty's Spells and leave a comment to enter.

2. Bestest Walking Dead Beard of the Day: Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. 

Check out this Tumblr site. RICK! I would risk infection from a horde of hungry zombies just to spend one moment in your beardy presence!

3. Most delicious looking soup recipe. *slobber* Check out this recipe for Italian Wedding Soup at Full Fork Ahead. 

4. Just finished reading Firefly Mountain by Christine DePetrillo. Bearded and scarred firefighter hero. Set in Vermont. Romantic. Awesome HEA. Perfect pacing, couldn't put it down. Review coming soon. If you're looking for a super satisfying and romantic story, READ THIS BOOK!

5. For a good time, check out this youtube video of the Riff Off in Pitch Perfect!

Happy Day!


KatieO said...

What a fun interview with Liberty! Going to have to try that Jack-Me-Off recipe too ;-)

Julia Barrett said...

Going to check out your interview. I can't look at Rick. I'm still pissed about Shane. But thanks for the book rec!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

He is hot.

I need that soup!

Can't wait for your review ;)

Penelope said...

Hi Katie! Surprisingly I found a lot of lumberjacky cocktails. Who knew?

Penelope said...

Haaaa! Julia. I knew you were going to say that about Rick. But you have to admit he is fine. Come on!

Penelope said...

Juju....I am obsessed with soup. It's a problem! Today I make corn chowder, and I am totally making that Italian Wedding Soup this week.

I think you would really like the book...high on the romance and sweetness.

Kwana said...

LOL. Hanging with you I will be clicking all day!

Penelope said...

Hi Kwana! See you soon in NJ!

Tom Stronach said...

Dang, I just shaved the beard of again I think I need to be taken into a dungeon and ..........