Tuesday, December 22, 2015

There's a Tremor in the Force

Pre-pre-Christmas Eve-updates...

1. *BEWARE OF SPOILERS...PROCEED WITH CAUTION* I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the whole family. First time the whole family had attended a movie in YEARS. Overall assessment...disappointed. Could they not come up with some original storylines? Most of the film felt like a rehash of old plot from the original Star Wars movie, including the big climatic battle scene. *yawn* I've seen that before. Also, I don't believe for one hairy second that a child of Leia and Han would turn to the Dark Side. Hell to the no. And since we never got to see this character before, I was not invested in him at all. Huge misstep. I also thought the older characters were not well utilized in this film.

On the bright side, REY IS FABULOUS! So is Finn...the best part of the plot was the premise that a Stormtrooper defects to the other side. Now THAT was a good plot twist. Both Rey and Finn were fantastic characters and promise to do great things in the future. Let's just hope the writers can come up with some original storylines for the next movie! #MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU


I'm not sure who I feel most sorry for...Steve Harvey who accidentally announced the wrong winner for Miss Universe 2015. Miss Colombia who accidentally won, and then had the crown ripped off her lovely head. Or Miss Philippines, who was confused as hell after she was told she lost, then she won, then...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

What a freakin' mess!


3. A TASTE OF HEAVEN is now on sale! Voted a "2015 MUST READ ROMANCE NOVEL" at About.com. Only #99CENTS!

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4. I discovered a new erotica series about handymen. Hee hee! Robin Stone is a debut author with three new books...about a handyman, a deliveryman, and a landscaper. Schwing! I read DELIVERY MAN last night and was really impressed. Not only is it well-written, but it also had a cute little story and some sweetness and emotion thrown in with the CRAZY HOT SEX! And I was amused by the "timed deliveries." If you ever had a UPS-guy-fantasy, then this is the book for you! #HANDYMANFORTHEWIN

5. The Penny Watson Great Big Holiday Give-Away is still going on through December 25. Please leave a comment to win...or shoot me an email to enter.

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