Friday, December 18, 2015

The Naughty Side of Christmas


This is the final post for the day: THE NAUGHTY SIDE OF CHRISTMAS.
Jen Porter and I are making some recommendations for naughty holiday erotica. identical twin sister from the wrong side of the tracks--Miss Pepper Minty--is giving away a freebie spanky elf story. PLUS...Jen Porter is giving away a copy of her favorite erotica for the year, Kneel, Mr. President. 

It's almost Christmas!

On one side of the holiday, we have wholesome traditions and family-friendly movies.

And on the other side of the holiday, we have...

...spanky elves.

And shape-shifting reindeer with huge sexual appetites. Smoky hot trapped-in-a-cabin erotica. And BDSM, menage, and other kinky holiday stories.

Take your pick. If you're looking for naughty, Jen Porter and I have quite a few recommendations. a special surprise, my super naughty identical twin sister, Miss Pepper Minty, has a never-before-published spanky elf erotica to offer as a free gift today! Check the bottom of the post for the download.

The Naughty Side of Christmas...Some Recommendations:

CHRISTMAS ELF by Tielle St. Clare

(Review from 2011)

I LOVED this one! The first half of the book has no sex....just a build up of sexual attraction between an innocent elf kicked out of the North Pole and a jaded businessman who has lost his Christmas spirit. The second half of the book was extremely erotic...but the story also manages to be sweet and satisfying. And very holiday-themed...about family, love, and capturing the spirit of Christmas. Also filled with humor and hilarious dialogue. LOVED it!

Grade: A


(Review from 2011)

This is an adorable, well-written holiday romance. One of Santa's elves gets lost in the Big Apple and has an unexpected adventure with a hot cop. Tyler did a great job with this story. It's a fun twist on the legend of Santa Claus and the North Pole, with a romantic suspense plot-line. The characters were wonderful, the sex was hot, and the ending was sweet. The pacing was spot-on until the crime story took over a bit at the end, but otherwise this was close to perfect. I will definitely be reading more books by Paige Tyler.

Grade: 5 Jumbo Mugs of Eggnog! (A-) 

SNOW JOB by Delphine Dryden

(Review from 2011)

Delphine Dryden has some excellent writing chops. How do I know this? I forgot I was reading. I was so immersed in this story, I read the whole thing at once. Honestly, I shouldn't have liked this as much as I did. It was a contemporary w/ a sort of borderline-douchey estranged hubby (didn't like his sexual tactics to get his wife back), a sometimes irritating judgmental wife (can you say "tree-hugger"?), and a pretty mellow storyline (estranged couple thrown together for a "fake" Christmas celebration). Nevertheless, I absolutely loved this book. Dryden's writing is fantastic....smooth and mellow like the finest eggnog whiskey buttery toffee candy. Yeah, that's it! Candy! I really really really really like her writing. And even though some of the sex scenes made me slightly uncomfortable (the little wifey was filled w/ guilt), they were hot! Karl was a fine example of husband-turned-alpha-male-to-get-the-little-wifey back. Although he had some douchey moments, I ended up rooting for him, and hoping Elyce would drop the fig-up-his-ass-tree-hugger-wanna-be-boyfriend faster than some recycled cardboard. And she did! And, as an added bonus...there was some spanky time! Spanky hanky-holiday-panky.

Grade: A-

KIDNAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS by Evangeline Anderson

(Review from 2010)

It's your typical holiday story...girl meets boy (by being kidnapped), boy spanks girl and gives her the best sexual experience of her life, girl falls in love with boy (after a few minutes), boy and girl have a huge misunderstanding involving a diabetic cat's name (which also happens to be the "safe word" for their BDSM play, unbeknownst to the girl), boy and girl pine for each other for three long, lonely weeks, girl shows up at boy's place of work in a trench coat and sexy lingerie, boy and girl make up with a spanking and sex-on-a-table, girl invites boy to her family's Christmas party.

So, here's what I liked about it...the heroine is "curvy" (not a skinny supermodel) and the hero is totally hot for her. The sex is spicy, the BDSM is "light" (not too crazy), and even though this story really has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, it's a fun, sexy read. I just find the whole idea of these two "falling in love" pretty ludicrous (as far as I know, it takes more than some spanking to fall in love), but other than that I thought this was an entertaining read.

Grade: B/B+

And now some recommendations from Jen Porter, 

Season of Seduction Anthology 

Includes Five Golden Rings by Jeffe Kennedy (a very kinky story about a woman on a holiday vacation who discovers the joy of giving up control), Naughty Nicks by Christine d’Abo (a sexy holiday novella with Santa strippers that is also extremely funny), Menage on 34th Street by Emily Logan (a m/m/f menage with lots of naughty moments and a sequel), and Matzoh and Mistletoe by Jodie Griffin (another kinky romance featuring a Jewish heroine and a dominant cop).

Christmas Stocking by Teresa Noelle Roberts 

This is a short story about a Dom, his sub, and a pair of stockings. Super hot! 

Christmas Alpha by Carole Mortimer

This romance has a blizzard that strands the main characters alone together and lots of super sexy moments. A great story to curl up on the couch with when the weather outside is frightful! 

A Kinky Christmas Carol Anthology 

Includes Getting Scrooged by Eden Bradley, Not So Tiny Tim by Robin L. Rotham, and Marley in Chains by R.G. Alexander. All three stories feature some hot holiday menages. The more the merrier especially around the holidays.

 All I Want for Christmas by Kelly Jamieson

A short novella with a stressed out heroine, the finance director, and a drunken but sexy encounter at a holiday work party.


Now it's time for a FREE GIFT!

...compliments of my identical twin sister, Miss Pepper Minty. She wrote a very naughty spanky elf erotica. She's totally getting coal in her stocking! I know it!

Anyhoo, this is a very short story...about 2000 words. It includes naughty words and naughty content, and yeah...naughty stuff.

by Pepper Minty  

And we have one more special give-away! Jen Porter has a favorite naughty read for 2015, and we're giving away a copy of this book...

From Jen Porter: One of my favorite books of 2015 is Lauren Gallagher's Kneel, Mr. President, an erotic, menage romance featuring a submissive President of the United States hero, his wife and the head of his security detail (a m/m/f menage). To read more, check out my review here

To be entered for this give-away, please leave a comment with your favorite naughty xmas book, your email addy, and your location (US/Overseas). Or you can shoot me an email. THANKS!

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HUGE thanks to everyone who hung out with us today. This give-away is open until December 25. Just leave a comment after any of the five posts today.

Happy Holidays!