Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updates On Challenges, Vows, Blood Oaths 'N Stuff

How am I doing on my TBR Challenge and "Vow Not To Purchase Any Etsy Items In September" and other goals? Hmmm......let's see.....

1.) I'm doing pretty well with the TBR Challenge so far. I only purchased one book, and it was 99 cents. Right now I am about to start a re-read of Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. It's not actually helping to decrease my TBR pile, but at least I didn't purchase anything new. So that's a tie I guess. By the way, this book inspired my pen-name: Penelope!

2.) As for my Etsy addiction...Well, I finally caved. What I wanted to buy: dog bed, dog tag, cool prints, felted bowls, adorable hat, pottery, and the most gorgeous tiara I have ever seen. (I know, I know....when the hell would I ever wear a tiara?) What I did buy....was one gorgeous pendant necklace with citrine and yellow mystic quartz on gold hoops. I love yellow things. Yellow is sunny and happy and positive and inspiring. (And I'm so full of sh*t because I'm trying to rationalize my purchase...hee hee!).

3.) My purge of old print romance novels will be taking place next week. I'm hauling about 600 old books to the used book store. I'll post pics of the traumatic event. Good times.....not.

4.) New Vow Starting Today: I gave up coffee. And I'm substituting.....dirty hot water herbal tea. Gulp. This day is gonna suck.

5.) Diet goals: I'm pushing for the 50-pound weight loss mark. I've been hovering at around 45 pounds down, and I'm having trouble moving past that. So this month I'm returning to my old, strict diet to see if I can jump-start the weight loss. Just me, some celery stix, and dirty hot water herbal tea. Did you know that Starbucks is now serving their pumpkin spice lattes? Sniff, sniff.

6.) Writing goals: Now that the kids are back in school, I can get back to work. I have a hot bearded lumberjack to write about. And a sad bearded farmer to write about. And some beardy Klaus brothers to write about. And finally, a bearded botanist. What do all these things have in common? That's right! They're all men. Good job.

Well, that's the wrap-up! Hope all yinz have a great day. I'm sure mine will be swell, as I drink dirty hot water herbal tea and munch on celery stix and manage a caffeine-withdrawal headache without motrin. I wonder when my new necklace will arrive?????