Friday, September 2, 2011

Beard Of The Day And Other Updates

My Etsy addiction continues! This fabulous illustration, titled LUMBERJACK, CROW & MISTLETOE, is by Ryan Fowler. He actually has a whole subsection of his Etsy store for Lumberjacks....Win! And of course, he's from Vermont.

I love the monumental beard on this lumberjack. And I especially love the grumpy look on his face. This print is just fantastic.

On the reading update: I agreed to a "reading challenge" for the month of September....only books on my TBR pile. I'm not allowed to buy anything new. So, I'm starting out with On The Fly by Jillian Brookes-Ward. This isn't a romance novel, but it sure is entertaining. It's totally from a man's POV....all he thinks about are fly-fishing and boinking. Hee hee!

If you're interested, I put together a new Etsy Treasury called "Hopeless Romantic"....check it out!

Happy Holiday Weekend!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Agreed. Etsy is wonderful.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Juju! I am so excited for xmas this year....I already have a huge list of totally cool gifts for everyone...including Lucy The Weenie Dog (she's getting a new dog tag!).

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Gotta read that book and you and ETSY are killing me! Knock it off! are a genius!

Penny Watson said...

I know! I know! I just made another Treasury List...called Sweet As Honey. Here's the link....

I just finished the book and I really liked it. I thought it was a breath of fresh air. Totally British and the guy is such a dude. It's great!