Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review of The Ballerina, The Gymnast, and The Yoga Master by RJ Silver

I think RJ Silver might be my long-lost twin brother.

I tried to bookmark every place in this book that made me laugh out loud while I was reading it, and I realized I was bookmarking every single page.

No shit.

It takes a certain kind of talent to be able to make fun of people, and do it in a light-hearted, non-offensive way, and to add a sweet optimism into that mixture of cynical satire.

RJ Silver has that whole thing down.

Following up a book titled The Princess and The Penis is a pretty tall order. What to do for an encore? Well, once again Silver has penned a short, sweet, hilarious, clever, adorable story with an HEA. There's really nothing more a girl could ask for. (At least this girl).

My favorite books have symmetry in them, both in character arcs and storylines. For example, the stuffy professor lightens up by the end of the book and learns how to laugh. The horrible tragedy that occurs in Chapter One leads to a romantic and satisfying HEA at the end of the book. The man who has everything (a billionaire) really has nothing because he can't find love. Until he does. With a chocolate-loving stranger sitting next to him on a park bench. (That's this story, by the way).

I don't want to spoil the book, so suffice it to say that RJ Silver makes fun of everyone--people, places and things--and you are laughing right along with him. Until the adorable end which was absolute perfection.

He might not admit it, but I think Silver is a romance-lover at heart. After you finish laughing at everyone and yourself, there's nothing better than snuggling up with the one you love. (Or dressing up like a fireman and playing "Save The Damsel In Distress.")

Grade: A

Loving this gem!


Unknown said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. :)

KT Grant said...

As good as The P&P one? I may have to buy this before some publisher grabs RJ and his books are no longer 99 cents.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Amber...it is hilarious! I highly recommend this one! And it's only 99 cents right now...a steal!

Penny Watson said...

Kate....I think P&P is still my favorite, but this one comes in a close 2nd. I could not stop laughing while I was reading it, and I adored the ending. So cute! That dude is a genius!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Thanks to you, I now have a new love - rjsilver! I've bought both his books. Can't wait to fight hubby for the Kindle.

Penny Watson said...

Julia...you will laugh your ass off!

Beebs said...

I read P&P ages ago. It was hilarious and the ending was sweet. I think you're right, RJ Silver's a closet romantic. *g* I will definitely get this.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Beebs! If you liked P&P, you should def. read this one. You'll crack up. And it also has a super sweet HEA.

Heidenkind said...

I totally agree! Such a fun book, and really interesting.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Tasha! I agree....it was a really fun book. I am totally on the same page as his sense of humor!