Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Versatile (and Discombobulated) Blogger

Okay, so the award isn't really for the discombobulated blogger. But I was tagged in November, and am only now getting around to this. If there really was an award for the Discombobulated Blogger, I would totally win first prize (with a slightly skewed tiara on my head, I'm sure).

Anyway, thanks to Julia Barrett (Julia Barrett's World), I was tagged with The Versatile Blogger Award. Here are the rules and regulations.....

1--Share 7 things about myself.
2--Pass this award on to 15 other bloggers recently discovered.
3--Notify recipients.
4--Link the blogger who gave this award.

Since I'm a chronic, life-long rule breaker, I'm not doing #2 and #3 exactly. I'm going to make a list of some fun blogs I've discovered over the last couple of years--most having nothing to do with the romance industry. Just keeping it real!

Okay, first up.....7 things about myself.....

1) I have really big hair. I had big hair when it was cool (1980's), before it was cool, and after it was cool.

2) I was a dirty lacrosse player in high school and college. I liked to trip people, elbow other players, cuss a lot, etc. I got a lot of yellow cards (pretty much every game) and some red cards, too. For some reason, I'm not really that ashamed.

3) I was a dolphin trainer in high school (he was a horny Amazon River dolphin named Chuckles...hee hee!)

4) I took piano lessons from a Russian concert pianist at Carnegie Mellon University when I was a teenager.

5) I am an obsessive organic herb gardener (not those kinds of herbs....get your minds out of the gutter!). I usually have at least 8 types of basil in my garden every summer (basic sweet, purple, cinnamon, orange, lemon, thai, globe, African blue). I love cooking with fresh herbs!

6) I sometimes dress my miniature dachshund in humiliating outfits. But not that much.

7) The first time I saw my husband in college, I turned to my friends and announced "I'm going to rock his world."

All right, enough pointless information about me and my dachshund. Now onto the fun blogs....

For any fans of Top Chef, this blog is a must-see. I love their snippy observations.

First of all, the title alone is excellent. Second of all, she has funny, irreverent and sometimes ridiculous posts....all quite entertaining. She loves birding (me too), Jean Claude Van Damme (me too) and crossword puzzles (I suck at those).

Just freakin' hilarious.

Blog by the ultimate masters of the birding universe, the Stokes. One time (in band camp...hee hee...just kidding)....when I was at Ding Darling in Florida, checking out some birds with my binocs, this nice couple started pointing out all these awesome birds, and later, my husband said..."Do you know who that was" and I was all "No" and he was all "That was Donald and Lillian Stokes" and I was all "Holy crap!"

Anne Nydam is a wonderfully talented artist and writer. Her blog always has something cool and interesting to see.

KMont, who also pens a romance blog (Lurv a la Mode) has a fabulous recipe site with her sis. The photos alone are worth checking out. And how about these recipes....cranberry swirl cheesecake with cranberry-raspberry compote? Pumpkin and brown sugar crème brûlée? Israeli couscous with crispy greens? Hungry yet?

This is a great author's site. She has a mix of fun, serious, thoughtful and sexy. I stop by every day!

I love seeing updates about her garden. And lemon verbena is one of my's a keeper!

I find this blog bizarrely interesting. Trying to quantify/qualify happiness. Bizarr-o but also sort of cool.

What? You didn't think I'd leave out the dachshund blog, did you? My favorite doxie hot, videos, sob stories, dogs in humiliating outfits, wiener dog races. It's all here.

Thanks to Julia for this prestigious award! Just wondering where the hell my $100,000 prize money is. I'm still waiting.....

(who is considering changing her pen name to Penny O. Watson, just so my initials will be POW)