Sunday, January 2, 2011

Penelope's Anti-Challenge Reading 2011

It could be residual anxiety from reading lists in high school and college. It could be an aversion to authority figures telling me what to do. Or, it could just be that I am a lazy-ass, selfish reader. Whatever the reason, I am completely dedicated to my Anti-Challenge Reading for 2011. My whatever I want to, whenever I want to...and try not to forget to cook dinner for the children. There! I did it! Something tells me I will be all over this Anti-Challenge and quite successful this year. (hee hee....)

I don't have any resolutions/goals/objectives for the new year, other than staying alive. Just keeping it real basic, if you know what I mean. Continuing with my heart healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising a lot, attempting to decrease stress, and surrounding myself with positive, funny, lovely people (in real life and virtual life) who are cool and make me happy.

Because I keep hearing awesome things about these writers, I am hoping to check them out this year--Nalini Singh and JD Robb. I also have a couple of books left over from 2010 I didn't get to that I am jonesing to read....Carolyn Crane's Double Cross and The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. Of course I will be reading Shadowfever, and all my favorite authors' releases this year. (Although I must admit I think 624 pages is way too long for a book. That's just nutso.)

As for my own writing, I am continuing with The Klaus Brothers Series for The Wild Rose Press. I am working on Sweet Adventure, which features both Sven (the hippy) and Gregor (the financial guru). I'm looking forward to the NECRWA's spring conference in Salem, MA. I will also be giving a talk for the NEC's February meeting, discussing self-promotion and social networking for romance authors. Hope to see some of you there!

(By the way, if you like Dave Barry, here is his hilarious take on funny!)

I hope that everyone is pumped for a brand new year!


Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Now this is the kind of challenge I'm up for! I think you're on to something!

I'm going to take after you this year, no challenges either - just read what I want to read and take my time doing it! Amen!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Yes, sign me up too! I am so awful about authority figures, such a damn contrarian - except for Julie at Outlandish Dreaming who forces me to buy every book she reads -it's like mind-control or something!
Anyway, the instant someone tells me to do something, I do the exact opposite. When I was a kid and my mom told me not to stick my tongue on a light pole in 20 below weather, that's the first thing I did when I went outside.
She told me not to stick my head through those wrought iron railings - stuck my head through and the fire department had to extricate me.
Don't jump off the garage roof - jumped off and broke my ankle.
Don't run with sharp sticks! Six stitches.
Don't water ski - run over by a boat, but I so love to water ski!
I'm with you - stay alive! Have some good sex, cook some healthy tasty meals and walk ever day if you can.
And then travel all the way to the West Coast to visit me!

Lindsay said...

I'm afraid that I'll have to join you next you or maybe the year after. I've been planning out this year for quite some time and have lots of reading and writing goals to accomplish. By 2012 I'll be drained. Then I'll joined your group of those just trying to stay alive!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julie!'re on board! I agree with Julia...I have gotten so many good recs from your blog...I'm going to try Jennifer Ashley's paranormal series soon.

Penny Watson said...

Hey Julia....I had a very bumpy rebellious streak in middle school/high school with my mom, basically doing the opposite of everything she told me. The only reason I got good grades is because she never said anything about that.

Oh boy, I wish I could travel out west! I am working up my courage for some bigger trips...starting with a trip to Florida for Spring break.

Penny Watson said...

Hi Lindsay! Good luck with your reading challenges...I can't wait to hear how you do and what books you like! :)

JenM said...

Finally, a challenge I can get behind wholeheartedly. I just commented on another blog about how I hate participating in book clubs, because reading is the one thing that I can control 100% and I'll be darned if anyone is going to tell me what to read and when to read it LOL. Best of luck in 2011!

Penny Watson said...

Yay, Jen! Join the Anti-Challenge...I guarantee you'll meet your goal this year! :) :) :)

Lydia Storm said...

I'm so with you on the anti-reading challenge. I love to read too much to not read exactly what I want, when I want! I think I'm downloading the Iron Duke tonight. Can't wait!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Lydia....I can't wait to read The Iron Duke...I have it on my kindle, too.

Tales of Whimsy said...

I am SO with you. I'm amazed by how many challenges some people take on. I took 4 this year. Two I failed: A Mystery and Suspense one and a Dystopian one. I did nail the Christmas ones.

This year I'm only taking one challenge: read lots of the free eBooks I score.

Easy right? :)

So yah in short, I feel ya.

Penny Watson said...

Hi THAT'S a good as many freebies as possible. Love it! :)