Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydrangeas, Carpathian Vampires and Big Buck Hunter Pro

My week is coming along nicely....

1) Hydrangeas are rocking out in the garden. So are nasturtiums, basil, dill and the pumpkin patch. Bunnies are still happily chewing on the weeds. Today my son sprayed the weeds with vinegar (a good old-fashioned organic approach to weed extermination). I have a feeling the bunnies will think we are "dressing their salad"--hee hee hee!

2) I am having a crazy re-reading week....I am starting to plow through all of Christine Feehan's old Dark novels....just finished Dark Fire, which I adore. I think Darius is probably the sexiest, most bad-ass Carpathian in the series.

3) For some inexplicable reason, I allowed my daughter to purchase Big Buck Hunter Pro at Target, not realizing what it was. Turns out, it's a TV game that involves shooting deer and watching their dead carcasses fall to the ground. Totally and completely politically incorrect. Bad mommy. To add insult to injury, I freakin' love it! We are all obsessed and crazy competitive. My son is so good at it I am afraid he's going to ask for a gun soon.

All in all (other than the dead deer), it's shaping up to be a great week.


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Well, better in a game, I guess. How come your hydrangeas are white? Ours are blue and pink! Love the white!

Penny Watson said...

Hi Julia! My white hydrangea is a paniculata Hydrangea...has huge white flowers which turn pinkish in the fall. I also have a H. macrophylla, which is the kind that are either pink or blue. Mine is blue, but it just got fried in the hot weather, darn it! I need to move it to a shadier spot.

Thanks for sending me your new story...can't wait to read it!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

You're welcome!
I think I'll look for a white hydrangea. We have lots of blue and pink - I guess the color here depends upon the acid/base ratio in the soil.

Lydia Storm said...

Hysterical! And how gorgeous are your hydrangea? Mine is just kind of turning green and drying up? Not quite sure what the deal is. At least it's big.