Friday, July 30, 2010

Bait and Switch

I am feeling sort of irked right now. I started reading Linda Howard's Open Season based on Amazon recommendations. What I heard....librarian gets a make-over. What I read (in the prologue) is a disturbing account of a young Mexican girl getting raped. Not my idea of fun romance reading. Needless to say, I stopped right there. Even if the rest of this book rocks the house, it is not for me.

So, in order to cleanse my palate, I picked up Lord of Scoundrels. 100% guaranteed awesome re-read. I have been rereading like crazy over the last couple of weeks. Christine Feehan's Dark Series, Amanda Quick's historicals, Stephanie Lauren's Cynster boys, etc. Yesterday I re-read Amanda Quick's Ravished, which is on my top 5 list. It is so good, it propels Jayne Ann Krentz (aka AQ) to goddess status in my eyes. I have a huge number of new books to read on my TBR list, but for some reason I am turning to oldies but goodies.

As for Open Season, yuck. I know a ton of people love this book, but I can't see myself ever returning to it. In my opinion, summer reading should be light, care-free, fun....