Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Update (Bunnies, Popsicles and Grand Finales)

1) I finished my second book yesterday! Sweet Magik is finally done...76,000 words of hot, hunky Klaus boys, elfin spells and demon slaying. Phew. I am soooooo ready for summer vacation!

2) I read Ava Gray's Skin Tight and was pretty surprised. It was a good, solid suspense story but nothing like the edgy, intense, gripping Skin Game. I thought Foster and Mia would be another wild ride, but it was much more of a traditional novel...almost....mellow??? I was expecting Bonnie and Clyde, but instead I got Ozzie and Harriet. Still liked it, just didn't have that edge to it that I was expecting.

3) Found a puddle of sticky blue stuff on the floor of the pantry. My daughter informed me that she decided she didn't want the blue popsicle, so she just dropped it on the floor and left it there. Ok-ay. (She is 7). I am already squirreling up Prozac pills for the adolescent years. I am so screwed.

4) Mrs. Brown Bunny found my veggie garden. And ate my veggie garden. And decided to make a nest next to my veggie garden. So, I filled in the nest and installed a chicken wire fence with sharp sticks, rocks and other deterrents. I'm not going down without a fight.

5) Re-read Lisa Kleypas' Seduce Me At Sunrise. I am so lovin' the whole gypsy thing, it's not even funny. Here's an excerpt for your reading pleasure....

Win's stomach constricted with an ache of pleasure, and her heartbeat hammered in her throat. But she was still angry with him, and she was done with him, and if he had come here for a midnight talk, he was sadly mistaken. She started to tell him so, but to her astonishment, she felt a thick piece of cloth descend over her mouth, and then he was tying it deftly behind her head. In a few more seconds, he had bound her wrists in front of her.

Win was rigid with shock. Merripen would never do something like this. And yet it was him; she would know him of only by the touch of his hands. What did he want? What was going through his mind? His breath was faster than usual as it brushed against her hair. Now that her vision had adjusted to the darkness, she saw that his face was hard and austere.

Merripen drew the ruby ring off her finger and set it on the bedside table. Taking her head in his hands, he stared into her wide eyes. He said only two words. But they explained everything he was doing, and everything he intended to do.

"You're mine."

He picked her up easily, draping her over one powerful shoulder, and he carried her from the room.

Win closed her eyes, yielding, trembling. She pressed a few sobs against the gag covering her mouth, not of unhappiness or fear, but of wild relief. This was not an impulsive act. This was ritual. This was an ancient Romany courtship rite, and there would be nothing half-hearted about it. She was going to be kidnapped and ravished.


Rock on, Lisa Kleypas!