Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr. Brown Bunny Takes A Bride

No, unfortunately, that's not the latest Harlequin title. This is the scene that welcomed me this morning when I woke up. I am currently contemplating wedding gifts for the happy couple. At the top of the list are potato guns, bowls of Gatorade laced with poison, and letting loose the guard dog (since said guard dog is actually an 8 and 1/2 pound miniature wiener dog, it won't be very effective). I know, I know....I'm so mean. But seriously, nothing good can come from this. We all know that no other creature f**ks as much as bunnies, except maybe the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Within a matter of months, ten thousand offspring will be sniffing around my garden. Last night I harvested my first batch of veggies....spicy, delicious arugula and nice, crisp radishes with a terrific kick. No way in hades am I sharing with the newlyweds.

I might need to reinforce the chicken wire fence.

Anyhoo, I am in the midst of reading Sam Wayland's With Grace...another nice spicy treat with a good kick to it! I discovered yesterday that reading erotica on my Kindle at the pool isn't such a hot idea. Too many prying eyes. Next up is Emily Bryan's latest Stroke of Genius, and I think I might try Kaki Warner's Open Country. It looks intriguing.

Hope everyone is having a good week!